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Toughing it out

Perseverance is a good thing. People with perseverance display qualities that allow them to succeed more often than not.

The problem with people who are skilled at perseverance is that they deploy that technique all the time. They never think of another way to do something that could be easier. Everything looks like a nail and they are hammer.

For me, this is shown up a lot in my life. My determination has helped me be very successful professionally and personally. It has also cost me a lot in my personal and professional relationships.

Sometimes, it is easier to buy the resources and thus the time that would’ve freed me up to do other things including getting more sleep. But I learned from my father to tough it out instead of just hiring someone to do it for me.

As a headhunter, there is no one to help me with scheduling and rescheduling. I did my data entry. There was no one available to help with that. I had to do more with less much too often. My days extended late into my nights and often into my early mornings to get everything done that I needed to. That’s before I made any time for my wife and son.

Those are the choices I agreed to. Tolerating those conditions translated into using my determination and perseverance to get the results I wanted.

Today, I have created an environment where I have both technical and human support helping me. I don’t schedule sessions or interviews. Software does. I don’t do transcriptions. Someone on does it for me and better than I’ve found software can do it.

My family has joked for years over my comment about EZPass, the tall paying service in the New York area that allows you to drive through tolls without stopping to make payment. I lost a lot of my life to waiting online it tollbooths. I also lost a good part of my life to buying tokens for the New York City subway when now I can just load up a Metrocard at a machine.

When I talked to job hunters about my coaching, I tell them that job hunting doesn’t have to be hard, difficult, painful or take as long as it does. That there is a different skill set to finding a job and doing a job. I help them make it easier so that they don’t have to learn through trial and error.

I look for ways to make the mundane easier now. It allows me to keep my head above water so I can keep on writing, podcasting and creating YouTube videos to go along with my coaching.

It doesn’t have to be so hard for you either. Can you make it a little easier? Is there something that you can do to outsource something that is sucking the energy out of your life?

Repeat the mantra– I like to make things easy for myself. I will do whatever is necessary to get something done but if I can do it easier, that’s a good thing.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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