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There is definitely a long way to answer this question which I point out and million right ways.

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The question I want you to be prepared for is geared for more senior people because you people are the ones with blind spots. The question is, "Who help to you?"

The trick and the question is really very simple. You can't say, "No one." That's because every step along the way in your life you've been helped. So if you sit there opposite them and say, "Hmmm. No one has helped me," there is a problem there. The problem is lack of consciousness and awareness which falls into the realm of emotional intelligence their firm's look for from senior talent and (2) you are oblivious!

Let's get practical! You can help by teachers. You been helped by a parent or parents. You can help by siblings. You can help by mentors and former managers who guided you each step along the way.

The wrong answer is the one about, "Huh. No one." The right one is the truth. You have to do theater. As of said, before acting involves a certain amount of theater and this is one that requires a certain amount of acting.

If you to answer this well, it might sound something like, "Well, I've never been asked this 1 before. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh,there have been a lot of people who help me. " Then start talking about the humanity of some of the people who helped you before, you present yourself as having a big open heart as you share information about these former mentors, coaches, parents, teachers, wife/husband/partner, your kids have also been great teachers, too. I know my son is been that way for me.

You cannot say, "No one." No one operates on an island and for someone who is going to lead a team of people to say, no one has ever helped me, like your previous tames haven't helped you to succeed so that you can be in this position? Come on.

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