This is a second or third interview question that is easy to answer if you follow my advice from earlier videos.

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Hi! This is Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I've got another one of those tough
interview questions that organizations ask particularly of executive candidates.
Now, here's how the question goes. I just want to read it off the screen. I really
like them. "What was the toughest budget issue you ever faced? Can you tell
me about it?" Now from an organizational perspective, you've got to understand that
budgets, of course, are important. It's kind of like you watch the pennies, you get to
the dollars. You get to the thousands and millions of dollars by dealing with cost
issues. You know that. However, what you don't know is there's a little trap in
the question and the trap is "do you want to stay in the weeds and deal with
budgets directly or do you want to work with someone on a budget?" And that
becomes apparent as you tell the story, as you talk about this budget issue, you
have to know in advance whether or not they want someone who's an "in the weeds
kind of individual" who's dealing with every dollar that's coming through the
budget or whether they want someone who's "smart enough." I'm going to phrase
it this way because you can't be expert at everything. Who's smart enough to work
with a budget expert for the organization to identify areas of cost
saving. Now if you want to, and, again this is also part of the choice that you make in
answering this question, if you want to demonstrate that you are an in the weeds kind
of person, you talk about all the steps that you took. If you want to demonstrate
that your collaborative and work with others to identify a change, then you
talk about working with other people and the details of the story are less
important than that one issue. If you want to demonstrate that you're no-nonsense , no
BS kind of person who will attack everything yourself, then you talk about what you
did otherwise you talk about working with someone else to identify areas of
concern, to identify the individual by job title and function. You talk about a
committee that you put together of individuals . . . you know what I'm getting
at. This is Jeff Altman. I hope you found this helpful. Come over to my website, because I've got a lot more content there that you
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clearly better results. I'm Jeff Altman.. Hope you have a great day!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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