Tough Interview Questions: What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

What Are Your Greatest Strengths?

Tough Interview Questions: What Are Your Greatest Strengths?  

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Most people make the mistake of talking way too much or vomiting an answer upon the interviewer that is extremely generic that has nothing to do with the position being interviewed for.                                                                                                 

They speak about being hardworking. They speak about being a team player or a leader. Saying you are something is one thing. No one however says, “I am a lazy maverick who would sytrongrather follow instructions and get out of doing work.”                                                                                 

Telling a story where someone can develop a feeling about you is far better. And it needs to be in the context of the job that you are interviewing for. ” Now, describe a situation where your behavior stood out that would benefit the firm you are interviewing for.                                                                          

For example, you are interviewing for a position as a Director of a function. The firm’s profits require improvement (don’t they all), you are asked to reduce costs (don’t they all), fingers are being pointed every which way (don’t they always) and people are trying to arrange the deck chairs on a sinking luxury liner.                                                                                                   

You paint the picture for the interviewer and then say, “I’m not describing this to be critical. It’s just the way it was. I met with a number of my colleagues and encouraged them to make serious plans that involved sacrifice for the benefit of the firm. I offered suggestions and was heard by them because I have the ability to foster trust in people because I’ve earned their trust and respect from my honest dealings with them in the past when a crisis didn’t exist.”                                                                                           

Or “One of my colleagues was struggling with completing a project. I offered to spend time with them off hours to help them get through a difficult phase of it. I answered questions; I worked with them closely. I knew they cared about getting the project done and just found it difficult to ask for help.” Among the qualities to emphasize are:          


         Personal leadership                                                      

         The ability to lead others Intelligence                      


         A positive attitude in the face of critical colleagues that can shift others’ thinking                                                                      

        Great communications skills–the ability t cut through noise and be heard          by others                                                                    

       The Willingness to Expend Effort Dedication Passion and Enthusiasm for

         Infectious Attitude                                       



And these qualities have to be communicated in the context of the job you are interviewing for.                                          

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