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EP 2182 How you answer this question is important because it will dictate whether or not the firm that’s asking it is going to take any more steps with you. Here’s how to do it.

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I am Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and the question for today is well this
is one of those tough interview questions and it is do you have any
other offers and I think this is a wonderful question a common scenario
that comes up as an interviewee where you're asked about this and let me pose
the different situations you're on the screaming call and you know whether
you've done well or not the screener the. HR recruiter who's screening over the
phone or video says, "So, you have any offers right now?" And what they're trying to find out is, "do we have
time to engage in our process are you pretty much done I can understand why
they want to know this because when I did recruiting I wanted to know if I put
in effort whether I had a chance of earning a commission or hiring a person
so if you're actually close to something you have a choice at this point and
that's to say, "You know, I am close to something else better know the offer yet
What's the process look like? Could you give me a sense of the projected
timeline here and what you're able to do is you know walk through with them what
their next steps would be, how long it might take, knowing that if good elongate. After you hear it,
you can say, "you know my commitment to you is that if this process starts and I
do receive an offer I'll let you know and make a decision as to whether or not
we should go further. Is that okay with you?" And if they say "Nah," so you followed
So you follow that situation--we're at the beginning of the screening process. Now,
let's go to the other end you're on a third interview a fourth interview what
have you. "Do you have any other offers?. Are there any competing offers right now?"
what they're trying to do is to figure out how much time they have to still
continue to interview, whether or not they risk losing you, and you'll notice it's
the same logic system but you're further in the process you may say I'm close to
something else yeah I do have another offer
"How much is it for?" You can tell them or not. "That's really irrelevant right now. I'm
really interested in this opportunity. I'm just gonna simply say if you decide I'm
the right person for you and one knows this seems like a great opportunity for
me I'm gonna encourage you to make you stronger store now they're gonna follow
up and say, "well, why don't you just accept the other offer and so you have to come
back with something positive about theirs and acted in a theatrical way to
make it seem like you're really excited about theirs because otherwise they'll
simply say, "okay, bye," and send you off on your way. On your
side of this you want to make sure that you're hearing about other offers
particularly if you're interested in this one and in the other one so then
this way you have choices to make and that becomes a separate conversation so
how do you do it? It depends on where you are in the process,
what your expectations are the one thing. I will say is most of you are not smooth
enough to lie at interview one or nine say to someone, "I've got another offer
from a fun one you don't because if you hear those questions I asked that
You're not to be savvy enough have a respond in a situation to be convincing. At
which point they can go, "okay. You can take the other offer. No problem" But But
But But. I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you find this helpful. My
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and be great


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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