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Tips for passing a video interview

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Most people become much more practiced had video interviews,  but if they are honest with themselves, they know there is room for improvement.

Video interviews are common. Companies are increasingly using them to conduct interviews and engage with employee hopefuls.

If you’re looking for work, you’ll almost certainly have to do at least one interview over video, therefore it’s critical that you understand how to conduct a successful video interview, beginning with the preparation. Here, I will provide you with some helpful hints for preparing for a video interview.

Simply described, a video interview is a job interview performed by video using tools such as Zoom, Skype, Meet or Teams

Remember, a video interview differs from a traditional phone interview.


The Different Types Of Video Interviews

As a job hunter, you will most likely encounter two types of video interviews.


A: Video Interview in Real Time

A live video interview is similar to an in-person interview, with the exception that the interviewer asks you questions through video call in real time, and you respond.

You may conduct a live video interview using programs you’re already acquainted with, such as Zoom, Skype, Meet, Teams or FaceTime. They can also be done using software like Spark Hire or HireVue, which offers tracking capabilities for companies.


B: Video Interview (Pre-Recorded)

You don’t talk to anyone or answer questions in real-time during a pre-recorded video interview. Instead, you’ll be asked a series of questions on the screen and will be asked to respond by video.

The questions can be supplied as text, audio, or video for pre-recorded video interviews. You can respond immediately, within a specified time range, or within half an hour, depending on how it’s set up.

Because you won’t get any comments or acknowledgment as you would in a live video interview, it’s critical that you prepare for this type of video interview.


12  Points To Consider When Preparing For A Video Interview

Video interviews are clearly important in determining whether or not you will be hired for a job. You don’t want to take it for granted just because it isn’t conducted at the office.

You should warm-up for a video interview in the same way you would for an in-person interview; in fact, you should take extra care to ensure the interview runs smoothly.

These are the most important things to remember when preparing for a video interview:


  1. Keep an eye on your tech equipment


Because your video interview is so reliant on technology, the last thing you want is for it to fail halfway through or even prevent you from starting.

Double-check your tech a day or two before your interview as a precaution, and give it another once-over on the day of the interview.

Among the things you can are:

Your Internet Speed – Changing from Wi-Fi to a wired Ethernet connection will help you get faster internet. If your house has a bad internet connection or too many people on Wi-Fi, you speak and degrade badly. Find a private area with a good signal to have your interview.

Fully Charge Your Device – Whatever device you’re using for the interview, make sure it’s fully charged (or at the very least hooked into power) while you’re doing it. You don’t want it to turn off in the middle of your interview.

Check Your Camera – Your camera should be in good working order. You may need to acquire a webcam if the one on your laptop isn’t clear. At a minimum, your cam should be able to deliver an HD quality

Do A Mock Interview With The App- If you’re going to have the interview utilizing a video call app, it’s a good idea to practice with it first. Make a video call using it with a friend.


  1. Select an image for your professional profile.

Any profile photo you use for the video call app should be professional and portray you in a professional light.  Take one if you don’t have any.


  1. Prepare ahead of time for any questions that may arise.

Before your interview, prepare responses to the most typical interview questions you will be asked for this specific job. Understand the questions and give an honest response so that you don’t appear scripted or generic while answering them during the interview.

Concurrently, prepare questions you want to ask the interviewer and research the firm to uncover potential inquiry areas.


  1. Do Not Arrive Late

Because video interviews are as important as in-person interviews, you must do them with the same level of professionalism and formality. Be on time (and preferably  minutes early) for a video interview just as you would for an in-person interview.

For the video call, open the app.  Calmly await the arrival of the interviewer (or call depending upon which software they use). 


  1. Make Sure You Won’t Be Disturbed

If you have other commitments on the day of your interview, make sure you discuss your interview schedule whom I typically call so you don’t get interrupted by phone calls or texts. Turn your phone  vibrate

If you are not alone at home, inform (and reminded) everyone 


  1. Have a contingency plan

You may have prepared for the interview, but even if you’ve double-checked everything, your tech can let you down. As a backup plan, you can connect to another Wi-Fi network, have another way to charge your device, or even use UPS.


  1. Select the Appropriate Room Set Up

Because a video interview will not take place in an office, you must establish a professional environment for yourself, which the interviewer will notice when they connect with you.

When choosing a room, make sure it’s private, peaceful, well-lit, and clear of clutter. Sit across from an open window, not in front of it, for the optimum lighting. When you stand in front of a window, it creates a shadow on your face, making it difficult for the interviewer to see you clearly.


  1. Put on a professional appearance.

A video interview conducted from the comfort of your own home is not an invitation to dress casually. Dress business casual for the interview.

Solid-colored shirts are preferred over checkered or stripes, as they are distracting on camera. You can also look into the company’s culture to check whether they have a dress code and dress for that code.


  1. Use of Body Language

Check with others to see if your body language is communicating the proper message to the employer. Maintain eye contact at all times, and make sure your camera is at eye level so you’re not looking down or up at the interviewer.

Respond to questions or comments from the interviewer with a nod and a smile, rather than sitting rigidly. You’d like the interviewer to be aware that they’re speaking to a real person. Simultaneously, put on a cheerful expression.

Don’t rely on notes as a crutch. However, if you need to, use sticky notes and put them around the upper frame of your laptop. Don’t read from them. Use them as reminders.


  1. Only say what you want recorded.


Because the interviewer may share your interview with other people so that they can compare you to other candidates, video interviews can be recorded and replayed. Thus,


  1. Create a favorable first impression

Because the interviewer will be able to see you face to face, you need to discover a more effective technique to project a friendly demeanor in order to endear yourself to them during the video interview. The goal is to make a good initial impression and leave a lasting impression.


Lastly, occupying a large space on camera. If you present yourself as being small on camera, it is hard to be thought of as being powerful more effective. 



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