The hiring manager said she’d hopefully be making a decision by end of day today when I followed up yesterday. I checked with my references, they haven’t been called. Could it mean she hasn’t gotten to it, or am I pretty much out of the running on this one?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a coaching who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways and you are back with some job search advice
answering someone's question. Here is the scenario. The hiring manager said she'd
hopefully be making a decision by the end of the day today when I followed up
yesterday, I checked with my references.. They haven't been called. Could it mean
she hasn't gotten to it or I'm pretty much out of the running on this one?" A
very common scenario. This is your A plus priority; this could be a B for her or
less. Their process may be one where they don't really check references until
they've made the offer it could be that she gets in touch with HR and they're
supposed to check the references and they haven't reached out yet no matter
you shouldn't be sitting by the phone waiting for them to call like a date
waiting for the the guy or the woman to call them what you need to be doing is
always continuing your outreach and don't put your eggs in one basket and
hold on for dear life your best situation is always going out there and
promoting yourself and getting more interviews and with those interviews the
chance for more offers. So, is this the end of the line for you with this firm?
Who knows! I've I saw my Toria when I did head
hunting how many firms would say exactly what you've been told and never get back,
reject and hire so I don't have enough information to go on except what you've
said and it doesn't tell me enough to be specific I will also say that sometimes
they never get back and they are hoping you fade into the ether as a result by
going dark with you so sorry I can't be more specific there's no real answer of
this question yet you'll find out soon. Frankly, I would
message her and say sorry I haven't heard from you have you made your choice
yet I hope to be still selected blah blah blah blah hope you found this
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other at this point. Lastly good luck. Keep plugging. Be great
and someone will have a terrific day


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