The short version of what’s taking place is a person applied for a job and was asked to call or text to schedule an interview. This smaller company has not gotten back to them yet and they are wondering what to do and whether to pursue this situation.

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Hi, I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, I'm going to paraphrase a situation that someone's in. They applied for a job that's a step up in class. They work at a large firm. This company is a much smaller organization. And they're worried because of a couple of things. Number one is, they were asked to contact the firm by phone or text to schedule an interview (which I thought was interesting that they wrote, "is this a red flag?" No, it's not a red flag, but let me continue).

There's only one phone number they've been able to find online for this organization. And it's a cell number. So they called, didn't get an answer, left a voicemail stating what it was about. And then they texted again, with their name and availability, and that they're looking forward to speaking to them (which they say felt very weird, but Okay, that's how they felt). And they haven't gotten contacted back.

It's a couple of days later. What should they do next? And the answer really is very simple. Understand, there's no commitment to take a job from a firm that you feel weird about, but you don't really know enough. And my sense is that some of your anxiety that you're expressing is Yyour own fear of interviewing.

I'd simply say, call them again. text them again, the message should read, "I left a message for you on Monday. I hadn't heard back from you about scheduling. I'm trying a second time. If you're not interested, that's okay. I'll move on."

Sometimes firms listen to the phone voice and make snap decisions. Speak with confidence and certainty rather than insecurity. If they're interested, they will get back. If they're not, no skin off your nose. And always, always, do not put your eggs in one basket. Keep looking for other things that make sense for you. Don't rely on this one exclusively.

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