Anne Frank

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

                                                                                ~Anne Frank

Have you given up to the idea of being “powerless?”

Do you believe that no one will listen to you?

Do you believe that the only way for you to be heard is to join others and shout and shake your fist at the heavens and rage against the unfairness of your situation?

To be clear, there are situations where joining others in protest makes perfect sense.

Many of you attempt to create cabals of criticism rather than take action to change things.

Worst of all, you become resigned to the impoverishment of your life and your career.

If your career leaves you feeling destitute or devoid of feeling, what can you do differently?

If your workplace has sapped the life out of you because you just don’t care about what you do, the fault doesn’t lie in the workplace. The fault lies with you with tolerating it.

Change jobs.

Change careers.

Change managers.

Change your commute.

What can you do to improve the world?

Anne Frank wrote a diary has moved tens of millions of people. She died at 15 years of age a few weeks before the liberation of the concentration camp she and her sister were in.

15 years of age.

She changed humanity.

What change can you bring about?

Start small and work up.

Start big and create steps.


Don’t overthink it.

Do something, not nothing.

You have an opportunity ahead of you during the remainder of your life and your career.

What are you going to do?

When will you start?

How about today?

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