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I was talking with a friend who is a corporate recruiter. We both agreed about this.

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I have been involved in a fun series of texts with a friend of mine who does recruiting for a firm. They were talking about a video their firm is putting together for job applicants and for their work with hiring managers. When speaking about their work with hiring managers, is not about the recruiting part of it. It is about taking action. And why they need to take action more quickly.

I think this is the lament of every recruiter, both corporate and third-party that hiring managers take their time. They just don't pull the trigger on anything because they keep looking for "the perfect candidate." Let me let you in on the secret.

There is no perfect candidate. There is always a flaw and you tend to find out about it afterwards and I want to explain why.

You tend to find out that this person is not perfect afterwards because everyone is putting on an act during an interview. They are putting on an act; you are putting on an act. They are being phony and so are you.

No one ever tells job applicants at the last for people who sat in that chair or got laid off during bad economic times. No one ever says that. In addition, you tend to be on good behavior and they tend to be on good behavior, too. It is no wonder that there is this frustration that occurs when you discover after they are on board that, shall we say, they are not ideal.

It's 1 of the reasons I tell hiring managers to stop looking for perfection. It doesn't exist. When you screen people, evaluate people for qualifications. Qualifications are the most important thing you can screen for.

You want to send from your troops and want people who offer differing opinions. Fitting in is the wrong approach to take; after all, you want different opinion, right? You want to make sure that you look at things from lots of different angles, instead of getting a completely homogeneous viewpoint.

Again, stop looking for perfection. When you find qualified, move on them! It is not going to get much better. Remember, your last 4 hires were perfect; what makes you think this 1 is going to be any different?

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