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EP 1927 I was listening to a podcast interview with someone from LinkedIn that spoke to the #1 skill employers looked for that job hunters take for granted. I add a second one to the list

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people. I do job search coaching,
leadership coaching, career coaching to help people perform an extremely high
level. I was listening to a podcast this morning from someone from LinkedIn who
was talking about a lot of different things and one of the things that he
spoke about was what he judged to be the number one deficiency that firms insist
on looking for that job hunters don't really stress. And what he was speaking
about and, I'm going to add a second one because I've heard this time and again,
the number one thing that LinkedIn has identified as missing in most candidates
on the platform is good communication skills. Now I want to speak to those of
you who were not born in the United. States and, for those of you who have
been born in the United States and who have, I'll politely say, average to
mediocre communication skills, these deficiencies in your oral communications
are hurting you. I'll use an example from when I was still doing search where the
hiring manager from the north was interviewing the candidate from the
South who spoke with a drawl. Now I could do this from a multicultural perspective
but no matter. The candidate was rejected because it wasn't perceived by the
hiring manager that he spoke well. For you who's been born outside the US who are
soft-spoken, for you who's born in The United States and whose diction is not
ideal, it is important for you to improve these skills because even though you may
be competent or exceptional at what you do, it is going to come back and bite you
in the butt at some point in your career. for many of you, skills get you to a
certain level. Your knowledge will get you to a certain level. However what will
get you to a higher level is your ability to communicate your ideas to
others effectively in order to be persuasive. You see this is where it
comes back to hurt you. Persuasion skills, and thus, you will be an excellent doer
and people who do stuff are only paid to a particular level. Individuals who
manage individuals are paid at a higher level. People who lead people are paid to
an even higher level and the ability to be persuasive and to speak well becomes
a big part of them. So the number one skill I'm going to bring to your attention is
oral communication. Number two and,, again, this falls into the soft skill category,
passion. Zeal. Excitement. You know, the heart of what you do. I was talking with
someone who heads up a function for a firm and we were talking about the
performers in his group. Who were A performers and the B performers. And he
thought I would go to C's and he goes. I've got no C's. I've got D's and F's
after that. What makes a D or an F to them? They don't have the drive to be
exceptional. Hiring managers want to see your passion. They want to see your heart
for what you do. They want to see the drive and that's not in terms of hours.
They want to get a sense of your intensity level. Now, you may have been
trained at some point in your life to take it easy and be cool about things,
whatever excuse you want to give. But the impact of that winds up being is that
you're not showing your drive for excellence in the course of your
interviews. So I've got to encourage you, bring it back to the surface. Don't hide
it from people just because you're working in an organization where mediocrity
is the norm. You don't have to comply with that, I know when I worked in
recruiting, I worked in and I've worked in offices where they really want to
chop down anyone who wanted to aspire to be exceptional because that didn't fit
in and made other people look bad. As I heard in a class I took some years ago,
environments tend to win and if you think about the environment that you're
in, does it nurture you being exceptional or
does it nurture you to be average and ordinary. If that's happened to you,
there's an impact on how you appear on interviews and you've got to bring that
soul back into the process. So, number one reminder. If you have issues with oral
communications work on them. You can go to Toastmasters meetings. There are any
number of places where you can practice speaking and work on improving your
diction and understandability. And number two is if you've been trained to be
average and fit in and be a team player instead of exceptional. Start thinking
about what you can do to nurture that quality in yourself that drives for
excellence again so that you can show it in the course of your interviews. So I
hope you found this helpful.. I hope you'll reach out to me for
coaching which you can do through.
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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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