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I haven’t done a video about job boards/job sites in a long time. I found an article from at that highlights the best sites in their estimation.

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I haven’t done any content about job boards in a long time. To me, they’re not ideal for finding work. Most jobs are filled as a result of networking. The statistics are very clear about that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for jobs. However, just understand, you should spend most of your time doing networking.

Thus, when I saw this article about the best job search sites for tech roles, and this is from, the old Ziff website, so zd,, I’ll have a link to this in the show notes, I thought this was a perfect way of sharing information about job sites.  The first site that they mentioned is AngelList, I believe is the page. It has 130,000 remote and local startup jobs of a variety of sorts.

Authenticjobs is another site that they point to as a site for designers, developers, and creative professionals. There’s BuiltIn B-U-I-L-T-I-N, which lists jobs including in data and analytics, project management, development, and engineering. And you can filter by company, remote or in person, location, industry experience and look at the jobs that are available.

Crunchboard, which is a product of TechCrunch also includes remote and on site positions and, historically has been targeted towards startups.  Dice, It has career development resources and insights and trends in hiring. And they have jobs for technologists throughout the world, remote and on site jobs, with startups, as well as with the Department of Defense.

Hired. Now, Hired is an interesting site because what happens is companies apply to interview you, you’re not applying to them. So the roles include engineering, developer operations, product management, and data analytics. Jobspresso, like expresso, but jobs, jobspresso. Job remote jobs in tech, among other fields, more than 1000 positions available and they handpick and manually review all the posts. 

There are other sites that they point to. For example, company specific job boards, professional organization, job boards. Now, going back to the company specific job boards, if there’s a firm that you’re interested in, you go to their website, and they probably have listings of what’s available. Professional Organization boards. There are organizations like the Association for Computing Machinery, Information Systems Security Association, IEEE, BICSI, the International Game Developers Association, Network Professionals Association.

And the suggestion that the article makes is use filters and advanced searches, keep track of the jobs you applied for, searching synonymous job titles, identifying keywords and phrases for your search, signing up for alerts, researching companies of interest. And by the way, when you do that, one of the things you start to do is to follow that company on LinkedIn because on the other side of this with LinkedIn Recruiter, companies are able to see that you’re interested in them. And thus, you’re advantaged in search results when they search for candidates for themselves.

Be selective and deliberate where you apply and keep your resume up to date because you never know when the firm is going to reach out to you.

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