The Next One Is Coming! Get Ready NOW!

The Next One Is Coming! Get Ready NOW!

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Recession-Proof Your Career – 7 Ways to Make Sure You Land Your Next Job Stress-Free

On August 3, 2007, I was working from home and watching CNBC, listening to one host after another scare its viewers. The show spent a lot of time talking about a term we would become much more familiar with over the next 12-18 months–subprime mortgages.

At the time, I remember writing that for purposes of the labor market, the boom times were about to end, that the upcoming Presidential election would have one candidate or another dealing with layoffs in 2008 and “pandering” to unemployed workers with policies that would offer little help to the long term issues needed to create policy to enhance employment in the United States. Although I did not forecast a crisis as severe as the one that occured, I was right onrecession many counts in my 2007 blog post.

So now, I want to offer a “jobs forecast” that, I believe, should be heeded by every worker in the world. It is one that may save you tremendous career agony and professional heartache.

My forecast is that we will have another recession with layoffs. I don’t know when it will happen (although I have my suspicions) but I can state with complete certainty that one will happen.

Staying Relevant

What is important is that NOW is the time to start planning for it when your career or professional life may be in order. If you are not working and are looking for a job, NOW is definitely the time to think it of your next job in the context of how the next firm firm you will join will prepare you for looking for work next time and enhance your marketability.

NOW is the time to build (or re-build) your network, both professional and personal for the inevitabillity that a recession is coming and that you need to be prepared in case you need to find work.

Too many people lurch from one job search to another, neglecting their networks in between and expecting others to stop in their tracks and help them. It doesn’t work that way.

LinkedIn is obviously a terrific place to connect with people but don’t neglect the other networks or networking inperson.

As I wrote in an essay I published several years ago, “Survive a Layoff Like a Pro,”and then in a book, “How to Avoid Being Laid Off, Excessed, RIF’d, Terminated, Axed, Furloughed or Made Redundant: And What to Do If You Are,” it is important to focus on doing a great job and being a difficult person for them to think of eliminating.

Yet that day may come when one day you are called into a conference room or video meeting, greeted by a group of people, and told that you are being laid off, encouraged to sign a form accepting the terms that the company is offering for severance (don’t sign it on the spot), walk back to your desk with everyone staring at you as though you have a terminal contageous disease and have to put your possessions into a small box to take with you.

It is far better to have a network already in place than to have to construct one from scratch. It is far better to know how to engage the job hunting process like a pro, rather than in the amateurish way so many do.

Get ready NOW. After all, there is no harm if your network is unused for a while, is there? But if you have no network in place and have to build one while you are in the midst of a crisis, you will have hurt yourself immensely.


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Recession-Proof Your Career


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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