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Today, I want to offer you a job interview to that I see time and again, no matter how often I tell people to do this, they forget to do it. That is, when you are in an interview, and you're being asked the question about something you have done, most people talk about the situation and offer an answer to the question without giving examples. Examples (please excuse this example. I'm going to give) is like mayonnaise to tuna and the sandwich. It's the thing that blends everything together to give all that the great flavor.

When you are interviewing, don't neglect examples because they really give sustenance and texture and flavor to the story, different than just simply reciting facts. For example, if I were to talk to talk about myself as a recruiter and I went to the particular tasks of the day, it would probably cause your eyes to glaze over, certainly within less than 5 minutes. If I were to talk with you, but some of the difficult interviews I conducted, some of the difficult situations that had to contend with with job applicants who have just been acting irrationally or institutional customers that were just acting irrationally, how I brought those situations together to get both parties together so they can live happily ever after. For many many years with one another, that will probably give you better flavor for what I have done.

Don't neglect examples. Always use them as part of your interviewing. Practice them envious of that you are comfortable with them and you will find time and again that your interviews will thrive as a result.

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