Sometimes, your interview will be with someone who’s traveling, is out of the office, and will be at an atypical location. Here are a few reminders going into the meeting.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career and leadership coach, the head
coach for and
The work I do involves working with people who are job hunting, hiring,
managing and leading, situations where you need to be more effective. And one
of my favorite, I can't believe I haven't done this before, is the interview in an
atypical place-- the airport the hotel bar, not a restaurant, restaurants are more
common, but the place that's a little out of the ordinary. And I want to remind you
of a couple of things. Number one. You're in a setting where it's really easy to
let your guard down and that's not what you're supposed to do. You're always in
a situation where you're trying to create a great impression so, if you can,
and I say it that way because if it's being done at a Airport club, you may not
have it in the ability to be admitted into the club until they get there. So,
let's say, you're at the standard hotel bar or you're waiting to go into
the airport club and you're in a situation where you can get
there. Grab a table first. I want you to grab a table rather than sit at the bar.
Iin grabbing a table, I want you to be on the inside rather than the outside, The
inside be the side where the wall is at your back and the reason for that is, and
it's a question of "if possible," I want you to be in a situation where you can see
someone approaching you see, the person approaching you and, at the same time,
once they're seated, they're facing the wall and you there there are no
distractions for them. Also if this is a meeting that's being set up by a third
party or even by them, even if you look at their LinkedIn profile, that may be a
little out of date. Ask them for . . . if they can send a quick
photo of them to you so you can recognize them and do the same for them.
This way, you know, it's easy to spot one
another. simple thing but, again, a simple reminder can make a difference in
whether you connect easily or whether you're doing the thing where you spot
someone kind of looking around, looking lost and you've got to do "the hand wave."
Avoid that. Just make it easy for one another to recognize each other; The
conversation They're a leader in an organization. That's why you want an
airport. That's why you're in a hotel bar, some other atypical place and not a
restaurant or in their office. So, recognizing that this is business and
social, you want to engage in a more friendly conversation while, at the same
time, having a professional edge, So, if they're asking about your background, you
can talk about your experience as you might elsewhere and you know you can, you
know, if they do the "walk me through your background" question, you can always
spend about 15-20 seconds talking about the overall aspect of your experience
and then segue it by saying, "But what's probably most relevant about my
background for this role as it's been described to me up until this point is
my experience with . . . "and you kind of talked about that relevant experience.
And, at some point, I want you to flip the question to them and ask them, "and what
about you? How did you wind up in this role? How did you wind up setting up this
organization? You know, I looked at your. LinkedIn profile and it gives me a sense
of what your experience was but how did you get to this point," and, notice, what you've
done is you're making it social here.. Now on,ce them they've done that, what I'm
trying to do is to get to a degree of comfort between the two of you. So, if
you're in a hotel bar, don't do it at the bar. Do it, again, at a table. At the
airport, like I said, back to the wall and you're trying to make it, you know, a more
comfortable conversation and make it a conversation, not an inquisition of them
or of you. And, remember, smile, continue eye contact. Every once in a while, if you
want to give the sincerity look, you are holding your non-alcoholic
beverage, looking down for a moment and then coming back for eye contact in
order to make the connection. Again. Again, a moment where you're looking down as
perceived as reflection and for questions they involve emotional
intelligence, it's a great move. And at one point, they're gonna switch it to either
say, "I think you're terrific," or words to that effect
or, they're gonna say "I'm gonna get back to my office in order to I've
. . . I've got a meeting here but I'll get back in touch with my office to let
them know about next steps. I have you "One last question of you. is there anything
that you've heard or not heard that gives you a reason to hesitate about my
experience and suitability for this role?". And what that does is give them an
opportunity to tell you whatever the truth is for them about you and, yes, they
can lie, obviously, but you're giving them a chance to open up to you so that, in
this way, if there's something that you missed, you have a way of correcting it
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