The final interview with the company president is rarely a formality. You should never assume you are the only finalist. Here’s how to get ready.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in a number of different ways.
Today, I want to talk with you about the final interview
with the president of the firm and how you need to prepare for it in advance.
Now, you have to understand that on their side, they've gotten a briefing
from subordinates because you're not the only person that
they're talking to, right? They may be meeting two, three as
many as four individuals that have been referred to them for this
final interview and each of them has a strength, each of
them has a reason to be liked, but there is a weak spot in the
background. There's some perceived deficiency.
You may be rated number one. You may be rated number four.
Thus, the first thing you need to do before going into this round
is review what's happened on the previous rounds, not just simply
what you've said (which you need to do ) and the stories that you've told.
(Which you need to do), but also where were the rough edges that surfaced.
Maybe, it was the size of the budget that you led. Maybe it's the size of the
organization that you ran. Maybe you're in too big an environment
for them. Maybe you're in too small an environment for them.
i'm just putting those out as examples of rough edges that can surface
going into this round. And trust me, they are going to dig in and explore
those. Why? Because ultimately
the president of a firm wants to believe that they can trust you.
Catch that one. It's no longer about skills and
experience, per se, because other people have evaluated them
Yes, they're going to do some questions along those lines
but ultimately when they're making the decision to give you a thumbs up or a
thumbs down, they want to believe that they can trust
you for the role. One of the ways that this can be tested
is asking a question for which the correct answer will be,
"I don't know. I can kind of puzzle it out with you.
I don't know." And the ability to look across at a key
interview with the president of the firm and say, "I don't know,"
is a great test that I know quite a few of them have used
in order to assess whether or not the person in front of them
has the spine to tell them the truth.. Catch that one.
The spine to tell them the truth. They also want to get a sense of how you'd be
with your peers how you'd be as a leader.
Are you a leader or not. How does that come across in your
manner or behavior. Now, often people will say to you, "you have to come
in enthusiastic. You have to be passionate. I don't
necessarily buy into that because some company presidents are very
analytical . . . and yes, they may delight in what they do
but the corporate culture is analytical.. You know what you've seen there. You have
to match it and you can also do some research in advance in order to
determine what this person tends to like, what their background is. Remember you've
got a great research tool available, not just simply in LinkedIn but in Google.
Where have they spoken? What have they spoken about? Are they on YouTube? Have
they been videoed in some engagement that you can
review. So, again, they want to get a sense of
your leadership and how it is a match for their organization.
How are you under pressure? There's always going to be a certain amount of
pressure in the role that you're stepping up for
and they're going to want to hear stories that relate to how you've
handled comparable situations in your career. Give them a sense of size
and scope of the crises that you dealt with, what you did to
resolve it. Think SOAR or, actually, it's better
than that-- PAR-- problem- action -result . Keep it-
simple. One minute tops. Concise stories
work very well. Let them dive in and you can say as you end your
PAR solution, "I can go into more depth if you like
but i just chose to give you a high level perspective on it."
That gives them the opportunity to choose how in-depth
they want to go for lastly be prepared with quality questions not
things that you could find on the website
but things that relate to your proposed relationship with them.
You know some of the things that have surfaced previously from what you've
been told, either meeting with potential peers, with
the board, with others. Be prepared with quality
questions. Again that could not be answered on the
website that will allow you to find out something significant for you
and also demonstrate the quality of your
intelligence to them. Remember, they're not looking for
imbeciles. They're looking for smart leaders who can handle people
and, sometimes, handling people includes them.
Hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff. Altman. My website is
Go there and go exploring. There's a lot
there to help you. In addition, if you're interested in
interview preparation for this, you can schedule time for an interview coaching
session for 45 minutes. I'd love to get you ready for this round.
In addition, in addition, connect with me on LinkedIn
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Have a terrific day! Good luck and be
great! Take care!


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