The Fable of The Monkey and The Fisherman

The Fable of The Monkey and The Fisherman

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Hi!  I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and you are listening to “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast.” I want to use a fable today to teach something I think is important.  Hang in there after I read the fable because am going to give the traditional interpretation at them also to give my interpretation.

The fable reads, “A monkey perched upon a lofty tree, saw some fisherman casting subnets into a river and Narrowly watch their proceedings.  After a while,monkey the fisherman gave up fishing and, I’m going home to dinner, left their nets upon the bank.  The monkey, who was the most imitative of animals, descended from the treetop and endeavored to do justice he had seen them do.  Having handle the net, he flew into the river, but he became tangled in the mesh and drowned. With his last breath, he said to himself, ‘I am rightly served.  For what business had I would never handle the net to try and catch fish.'”

What the table teaches is that by doing things one doesn’t completely understand, not only does one gain nothing but may cause one’s self harm.

That’s the traditional interpretation.  However, he was the impact of that interpretation.  After a while, most of us stop trying.  We are trained to become content in the lives that we have, iin the work that we experience, even when we are unhappy, miserable, tired and bored.

For example, how many of you are working in jobs that you have loathe or worse, learned to tolerate over the course of time? How many of you are in relationships or marriages or other circumstances where you put up with stuff, just because it is become a habit for you?

Rather than learn to tolerate, I want to encourage you not to listen to this fable.  That’s because, this fable is the conditioning of the workforce.   We have been conditioned from her school days until now to tolerate misery.  We’ve learned that life can never really be better than what it is right now.  Instead, start thinking in terms of your aspirations, your dreams, what you hope to live for in life.

That’s really what you should be doing, not growing to accept that which is mediocre.  Who said you are supposed to be mediocre or live a mediocre life?

So, I just want to remind you keep playing big in the world.  Keep looking for opportunities and ways that you can extend yourself, even if you maintain your current job, even if you are maintaining your current relationships.   Trying new things within each.  Try to change jobs.   I’m not going to encourage you to get divorced right away; I want to be clear about that..

Trying to do things differently, instead of putting up with things.  After all, this fable is not there to help you live the life that you want.  It is here to help you accept the life that you currently have.

So, I hope you found this helpful.  I’ll be back soon with more.

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Hope you have a great day!  Take care!


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