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Time to hire. Cost per hire. Is that all your measuring?

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I wanted to talk about the disconnect and a firm's hiring process. you may think you're doing great, But the statistics say most firms really aren't.
Let me just start off with a stat that I remember from a couple of years ago. Within 18 months of a new hire, most organizations, most hiring managers have buyer's remorse about the decision they made to hire someone. Catch that one. Depending upon which survey you look at, it could be as low (as get this number) 50% or as high as 67% as it was in one survey I saw.
So, if I told you, you would bat .500 in baseball, you'd be thrilled. But if I told you one out of two products that come off an assembly line is going to be defect free, or one out of the two of your customers is going to be furious with you, how would you feel?
I think, be happy with 50% defect free but not the other 50%, right? One out of two companies furious with you. You've got a problem, right? Or a client is furious with you and it comes down to what do you measure?
Most organizations measure time to hire; they measure cost per hire. They don't measure whether or not a hiring manager is happy with the person they chose to hire. And, like I said, surveys say that they generally aren't within a year to 18 months.
So, what can you do differently? Well, number one is start measuring manager satisfaction because, if they're thrilled, if the statistics are out of whack in your organization, and your organization's satisfied with the people who they're hiring, great! You don't have to really change anything. But most organizations really aren't.
So, think in terms of coaching your people, training your people about how to hire, how to evaluate and assess people. Stop with the notion of fit because what fit does is introduced bias into the equation, since you're not objectively measuring how a person will fit into the existing culture that they'd be walking into. Even if you administer industrial psychology tests to your existing staff, every time someone's hiring (because you have to admit, people change, right? Organizations and their culture change, right?) you have to administer the test to people as you're about to hire.
So, think in terms of what can you do to evaluate and assess far more accurately and, and tell people what they're walking into, like I used to do in recruiting. I would talk to people about the corporate culture they'd be working into, what the expectation were going to be, because I want to scare people out of, "Hey, you're going to be on a plane Monday, home Thursday night, work from home on Friday, you're going to be away a couple of days a week. If that's a problem, I've got no problem with that. I don't want to submit you for that kind of a role."
And I made it very clear about what that client would expect, just like the ones that expect the 90 hour work week out of people and the ones that were way laid back. This high intensity individual would go crazy working there. You've got to do much the same thing to talk about your organizational culture, and what the expectations are from people.
Again, it's so weird that you don't really evaluate or try to correct managers who don't do a good job of interviewing and hiring. You may look at turnover and blame the recruiter, right? Like it's the recruiter's fault. Your manager lied to the job applicants about what to expect.
Remember, you're measuring the wrong things. Again, you should look at cost per hire, you should look at time to hire and try and speed it up. But, you have to also look at the hiring manager's performance and all of this and make sure that they are up to speed, too


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