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EP 2152 There is one big mistake people make in final interviews that damages them, even if they get a job offer.  Here I explain what it is and how to avoid it.


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I want to talk with you today about the big final interview blunder that so many people engage in. And even if you get the job, it proves costly to you because the offers tend not to be as high even when they make the offer.

Yo, let me just say it bluntly-- You take no time to prepare. You take no time to practice and most importantly you take no time to review (#1) the job he as is been discussed with you, (#2) the job requirements and (#3) how your background meshes effortlessly with it.

You may think, “Oh! I can do that easily,” but you can't because there have been little breadcrumbs that they have been leaving along the way that (#1) indicate what the real interests are and (#2 and this may be the more important one; we will see as things go along) but think about it-They've also been leaving you clues about where they are concerned about you.

Final interviews are not, I repeat, they are not a formality. Nothing is locked up until the offer letter is in your hands and, you actually walked in the door on your 1st. There's opportunities for them to rescind. There's opportunities for them to call up and say, “We been thinking about and . . . day.

I want to point to you (#1) to the review process. Take a look at the job description take a little bit of time to review how your background meshes with the job description and where the rough edges are. If you've noticed them, I can assure you that they've noticed them. See where you can refine your responses to them in order to perform at an even higher level.

Number 2 is be prepared with a couple of talking points along the way. Now, if you are interviewing at a very high level, let’s say, you are meeting the CEO of an organization, a senior manager, a senior director . . . whomever it is, they want to hear about where you can present value to them, particularly if you're talking to a CEO. And folks, if you're not doing an interview at that level, trust me, everyone along the way wants to hear about where you can blend your experience with what the need is and deliver more in value than what they're paying you.

Next is, they want to hear about situations that were not, shall we say, on the menu. You know, where you stepped up big when there was a problem. Maybe you identified where there was a problem, came up with solutions for it. It and went above and beyond. In other words, you rescued them from the fire. Everyone loves to hear about how someone spotted a blaze, starting in a corner and came in to rescue it.

Lastly, you always want to make sure that they are talking. What's your biggest challenge? How can I help you?. I have mentioned a couple of questions I want people to ask at the end of the interview and why. I will just simply said, you can and this 1 in., What sort of challenges are you facing and how can I help you?

Please remember, you want to get them to talk. You don't want to always be on the defensive answering questions. You always want to be in the position where, frankly, as I've said before, the more they talk, the more they like you because they are hearing their own voice a lot and are giving you, again, clues and breadcrumbs being dropped about what their areas of concern are that become effective if you catch the cues.

Seize this moment. I'm telling you again, seize this moment. . The best way to do this from preparedness being prepared to talk about these points and being prepared to recognize how your background blends with the role where the rough edges again, if you can spot them, they spotted them, too.

I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Visit and join. I have curated information there that you watch, listen to or read to help you find work more quickly. And if we are not connected on LinkedIn, send a connection request to me at

Have a great day. Take care.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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