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EP 1525 Everyone tells you to research your value but no one tells you how. In this video I discuss the best way to do your research.

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Do you know how people always tell you that you have to research your value before you start looking for a job? No one ever tells you how. They just tell you that you have to find out what your value is that it never teaches a method of doing it. So I want to teach you from modern times the best way to do it.

Back in The Stone Ages when I started out in recruiting, you would look at newspaper ads particular positions and will start noticing the salary ranges. We start to take an average of the salaries and discover what your value is. A lot of ants however no longer includes salary. Recruiter ads do but sometimes those numbers a little bit exaggerated. because they are trying to draw people in and then talk them down.

Here's what I want to suggest in this is, truthfully, the best way that you can do it. Let's say you have an interview scheduled that a large banking firm. Get into LinkedIn, look at people who are doing, for example, programming for a similar application to the one that you're doing now (or for the kind of work that you're being interviewed for who work for that firm), using keyword searches, and then, reach out to them directly (don't go to LinkedIn).

Just call and simply say, "Hi! Is this so-and-so? My name is such and such and frankly I'm interviewing for position. I get 4 minutes of your time to pick your brain about something? How do you like working there? Do you like working there are you wrestling with some things?"

Most of the time to tell you it's a great experience. "Terrific! Could I trouble you to ask, because you know what I interviewed to ask the salary that I'm looking for and have reached out to a few people... I'm not can it tell you who... Just try to be polite and maintain their confidentiality, I'm just very simply asking whether it's a good environment to work in and give me an idea of the salary that they are earning so that in this way, I don't shoot to Holly or should too low."

You will get a little bit of pushback because in the US, most people are uncomfortable talking about salary. If more more people do it, it's going to become more and more of a common practice and take away the power employers have by having the only knowledge of what pay scales are. That's really the corporate advantage. Let me tell you a quick story.

Yesterday, on Facebook, there was a corporate recruiter who put out a message to third-party recruiters. He was facing a dilemma where he was interviewing someone who seemed good for job, but they just wouldn't say the salary; they just wouldn't give it up. He "punted" to the hiring manager with her notes about her lack of flexibility.

I commended the guy initially for not following the traditional line of just rejecting the person. I recognize that, from his vantage point, he feels like he is in a bind because his job is to bring on some of the lowest level possible and the person's job is to get the highest amount possible. When you're doing your research, you want to take note of the ranges that people are earning and what the differences are in the work that they do. Just because one person is making $95,000 and another one is making $125,000 doesn't mean that you are worth the $125,000.

Look at what they do versus what you are being asked to do and see how a firm might value it.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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