Is it more beneficial to ask for a job application in person, even if you know they will say apply online?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The big Game HunterI coach people into new roles I'm a career
and leadership coach, the head coach for.
I used to work in recruiting and I did it for more than 40 years filled a
boatload of positions over the course of my career and I will speak for my
experience the ad says apply online and you want to know if it's better to do it
in person. Why don't you believe them that they don't want you to do it that way?
seriously why don't you believe them they don't want to see you right away
and the reason for that is really very simple. If they open
themselves up to applications the person has a certain expectation that they're
going to be seen now this thoughts to flood their building yeah high-rise
office building, there's a security guard that has to attend to all of this, fill
out the application okay you go up to the office because the high-rise
building may have many companies there you go up to the office they're dealing
with security. Now you're dealing with a receptionist who has to hand you an
application you fill it out you attach your resume this will takes time and you
expect that someone's gonna stop and talk to you right. Come on! Tell me the truth.
that's what you really hope for not the application being completed in person
that someone is going to come out and talk to you in other words you feel like
you have the right to enter into what someone else's day so that they attend
to you and your needs and you may not be qualified. Seriously, statistically you're
not gonna be qualified so why do you expect they should do that why should
they want to do that and how do you think interrupting someone in the middle
of their day or as part of their day when they were on a call and someone
hits them on the intercom or sends them a message through
interoffice chat saying there's someone the reception for you they just filled
out an application and they're on a call with their wife husband partner they're
talking to someone at work whatever it is you're interrupting them it is not
beneficial. It's detrimental and that's the fact to it. Don't expect
people to cater to you just like don't expect it because they shouldn't you
should be catering to them and they're very clear they want you to email the
resume or fill it out online so it goes into their system don't go visit don't
apply in person. I'm Jeff Altman. There's more at that
will help you find work more quickly. I've got thousands of videos podcasts
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broken up in through categories so you can find stuff about applying for work
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I hope you have a great day and to hear


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