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In this video, I discuss how to format a thank you letter after a later stage interview for maximum effect.

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I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m the head coach for and

Someone was asking me about thank you letters after 2nd or final interviews (Obviously, 3rd or 4th, as well) and I thought I would do a quick video talking about that and how they differ from thank you letters after the 1st one. First interview thank you letters early interview thank you letters, they could have a lighter feel to them.

By the time you get into a 2nd or 3rd or final interview, you have to go in for the close and really push hard for why you fit to role. Because, after all, you've got kind of information by this time as to who you are, what they are looking for, how it fits and you may not have covered all the points. So, you want to make a strong case for yourself and really the format is no different than a cover letter.

1st paragraph. I just want to thank all of you for taking time to meet with me (That's if it was a group interview that was involved); if it's the head of the department or someone in the C suite, Thanks for making time to meet with me today. I know your him and schedule is busy. I appreciate the opportunity to chat with you. We covered a lot of points and I have a good idea of the role. I just wanted to demonstrate, again, how my background can fit”

And then, from there, the 2nd paragraph that really addresses how your background fits the role. It's not just about listings skills and how your experience and how long and how recently you performed that function or did that role. That is that's like a cover letter where you are talking to a stranger.

You want to have a personalized message there that really demonstrates how you fit and then concludes by saying in the 3rd paragraph, “I want to let you know how interested I am in the role. I know you said you said you would be in touch next week, but , again, just want to thank you for the opportunity to speak with you and appreciate you making time. Best wishes.”

Insert this before the “best wishes.” “If you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call or drop me a note. I would be happy to answer them, and best wishes. Then, you conclude.

It's a strong sales letter; not sending a thank you is a mistake. It's a mistake people make after 1st interviews, 2nd interviews, after every interview because you have a selling opportunity where they can reflect on what you said and asked themselves she had I missed that point and cause them to come back and ask you about it at the next stage at the final interview, you had ample opportunity to close the situation. That's what you're trying to do is to reinforce your interest here make a strong case for your candidacy because you know you're competing with other people, right. I'm Jeff Altman the big Game hurt if you're interested my coaching you visit my website, which is the big Game Hunter .us on the top. There are tabs they are put the service that you're interested in schedule time with me. I really love to help you. I'm also enough just simply say that if you have questions forming is also waiting just as a ask questions and schedule time with me for that. But the real thing is if you'd like me to help prepare you for an interview, helping the salary negotiation particular resume LinkedIn profile answer your job search questions. I will call it handholding because that's really unfair, but help you with all the details of the search to be clear, I'm not a recruiter any longer. I did that for many years, I now coach people to perform an elite level so if you'd like may help, visit the big Game Hunter .us order the service that you think best serves the needs and love to help you have a great day. Take care


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