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EP 1679  This behavioral interview question has suddenly become popular with interviewers. Here, I explain how you might answer it depending upon your seniority and circumstances.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm the head comes for
and welcome to another show! whoo hoo! YOU know, as I'm recording this,
I'm going to great mood and it kind of fits sorry about that kind of fits with
the question that I'm going to be doing an answer for so this is one of those
tough interview questions designed to make you worry confess blank you know
freak you out it's really easy to do say here's the question ready tell me about
a time in the last week where you felt energized productive satisfied I prefer
excited because that's really the key to this excited at work and what were you
doing great question because what they're gonna do is see if you're just
another drone if you are same dead inside that you can't put anything yeah
there's two . . . actually depending upon your level of experience (I got my hands
confused there) depending upon your level of experience, you should be talking
about different things and then I've got the third answer so if you're relatively
senior in an organization, you might talk about (cough) . . . Excuse me . . . You know, coaching someone on
your team and seeing the light go on upstairs as they got a particular idea
and how exciting that was for you you might talk about a moment in the last
week where your team just came together in a purposeful way and really left the
meeting excited and you can joke and say how many times do you think that happens
"so, that was a great moment for me, to see the team pull together, not be . . . I don't
want to say cross purposes, but all come together and go out and start working together
well on on this new thing we were working on on fixing a problem that
exists for whatever it was if you were staff level
individual I'm going to get to some details in a second if you're a staff
level individual you talk about getting so immersed in something maybe you were
working with someone else maybe you're working by yourself
he got so engrossed in something the time just disappeared and you know
finished up the problem and you realized it was seven o'clock and you managed to
desk all that yeah that's so engrossed in this issue and making sure that it
was done well you get where I'm going with that now another option is to say
didn't you know that's the problem if you ask me I bet something I've been
excited about in the last week yeah there's some personal things there's
some small details but overall I'm looking for a challenge that I can
really you know attack I've been working on this project now for five years
there's nothing new that's why I'm looking at something else now in
answering the question think in terms of a story and the format for a story that
I teach is the using the acronym SOAR. I know STAR has a big advocacy for it but
that stands for situation or task the action that you took result
I prefer SOAR which is slightly different-- situation, objective, action,
Results. So the situation I was in was such as such, and thus, the objective that
I had was this the action that I took was such and then the result was this
And you can use that acronym SOAR. SOAR in answering this question, as well
in talking about how you really got together with . . . I'll deal with the senior
manager . . . got together with this one individual who just looked like they
were frustrated and noticed it over the last few days he didn't want the fester
where you could lose their best effort so what should decide the thing is to
sit down with him and have a heart-to-heart with them
so you met with them talked with him for about 20 minutes understood that they
were withholding something about their personal life that was frustrating and
the result was that they felt cared for you could see the energy come back into
their face you know that's sort of an answer works very well and whether your
staff individual or you know the frustrated employee use this acronym
SOAR--situation, objective, action, result-- in framing your answer to a question
like this. Hope you found this helpful.. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I don't
know if you're interested my doing one-on-one coaching with you connect
with me on LinkedIn at Mention that you
saw this video because I'm just curious how did you find me and then from there
once we're connected and you're interested in coaching message me we'll
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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