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An Easy Upgrade to Your Executive Resume |

There is an easy upgrade to your executive resume that will help you get more interviews.


This is a tip can be used by anyone but I’m going to focus in on executives because it’s an easier implementation for you.

If you're working with a resume, most of you are sending out a pretty flat looking document. It's boring. Everyone says the same thing. But we’re living in a more visual age and, yes, I could be talking with you about fonts and how your fonts look on a page. It’s really a screen because no one is really working with paper anymore, right?

If you are asked to submit a resume, here is a small change I want you to make and that is graphics. It can be as simple as a chart demonstrating the impact of what you’ve done in the organization.

So, for example, you reduced costs. Have a chart that indicates a graph of previous costs and let them see the downward trajectory of costs. Increased revenue. Ideal for salespeople, C-level professionals. Show how would you increased revenue over a couple of years.

If you're not in a role where you are helping a firm make or save money but you can measure it in terms of improved performance, show the previous performance levels and metrics in a graphical format and then demonstrate the improvement that you afforded the organization.

The visual goes a long way toward helping people see your impact. It doesn't have to be a big thing period it doesn't have to be real elaborate. It just has to make it obvious to people by using a chart inserted into your resume to show the impact of what you’ve done.

Again, this can be used by anyone but clearly it's an ideal tool for a senior level professional who's trying to show that they affect change.


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