Super Bold: From Underconfident to Charismatic


Super Bold: From Underconfident to Charismatic

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Fred Joyal, author of the book “Super Bold: From Underconfident to Charismatic in 90 Days.” Fred is a successful entrepreneur and has found success in various fields, including dentistry, stand-up comedy, and acting. In this interview, Fred shares his insights on what it means to be bold and super bold, and how anyone can develop the confidence to stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Super Bold

So, what exactly does it mean to be bold or super bold? According to Fred, boldness is confidence in action. It’s not just about feeling confident, but actually taking risks, starting businesses, and pursuing your dreams. Super boldness is the ability to summon that boldness whenever you need it. Many people believe that being bold is something you’re born with, but Fred disagrees. As a former shy introvert himself, he believes that anyone can learn to be as bold as they want to be with the right mindset and practice.

The Power of Charisma

One aspect of boldness that Fred emphasizes is charisma. Charisma is the ability to radiate confidence and positivity, making others feel good about themselves. It’s not just about being bold; it’s about uplifting others as you pursue your dreams. Fred uses the example of Bill Clinton, who was known for his charisma. Clinton had the ability to make people feel like they were the most important person in the room, and that’s a skill that anyone can learn. By showing genuine interest in others and making them feel valued, you can develop your own charisma.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Many people struggle with self-doubt and worry about what others think of them. Fred’s advice is to let go of the idea that people are constantly thinking about you. In reality, people are more focused on themselves and their own lives. It’s important to discard the opinions of others and focus on your own goals and aspirations. Fred suggests making a list of all the people whose opinions truly matter to you. More often than not, the list will be much shorter than you think.

Practical Exercises for Building Boldness

To develop boldness and charisma, Fred recommends a series of exercises that gradually push you outside of your comfort zone. One exercise is simply smiling at people, even strangers, and observing their reactions. Another exercise is going through doors marked “Employees Only” to overcome the fear of breaking rules. Fred also suggests wearing a band-aid on your face to embrace the idea that people’s judgments don’t define you.

One of the most important skills for building boldness is active listening. Instead of dominating conversations, take the time to ask questions and truly listen to others. By showing genuine interest in their stories and experiences, you can make meaningful connections and leave a lasting impression.


Building boldness and charisma is a lifelong journey. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing failure, and learning from each experience. By practicing the exercises and techniques shared by Fred Joyal, anyone can become more confident and charismatic. Remember, boldness is not about being the life of the party; it’s about seizing opportunities and making a positive impact on others. So go out there, be bold, and unlock your full potential!

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