EP 2040 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses another stupid resume mistake people make way too often. This podcast points out a problem with failing to quantify your impact

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big GameHunter. I'm referred to as The Big Game Hunter, because I've been hunting down leaders and staff organizations for 40+ years. Today, I'm going to do another one in my series about stupid resume mistakes, and highlight something that you can fix very quickly, that will help you get better results. The mistake many people make in their resume is they fail to quantify.

What do I mean? They talk about their role and responsibilities. They sometimes will talk about their accomplishments. But they won't talk in terms of how what they did had an impact on the organization, whether it helped them make money, or save money and how much, by the way.

You see, it doesn't really matter what you did. There are a lot of people that can do what you did. But the question is, in your current organization, or in previous . . . and in previous organizations, what you did, did it have an effect on the bottom line? Did you help the firm make money? Did you help the firm save money? And can you tell a story, or tell stories that talk about situations that you were presented with where you figured out things, made decisions, and, as a result, had an impact on the bottom line positively or negatively (negatively, by saving money, of course).

Now, why does this matter? Well, as I said, a lot of people can do what you do. But can you think on your feet? Can you do things that help a firm make money or save money? That means you pay for your own job, and firms love when they hire people who are intelligent enough to be able to implement actions that affect change. And I don't care what level of position you're in, you can figure this out.

So for example, you could be working in a warehouse. And you can be an individual who was able to pick more goods faster, resulting in a cost savings of 7% over your colleagues or your predecessor in this role. That's a benefit to the bottom line. Are you someone who works in IT who figured out a solution that generated X number of million dollars or billion dollars to an organization. This generates top line numbers.

Whatever it is, think in terms of how you're different than the average individual that's doing this job, how what you did has a bottom line effect in terms of money made or money saved. Because if you just list responsibilities, who cares? Who cares? You need to tie the bow for the interviewer or for the resume screener that lets them understand how valuable you were to their current organization.

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So this is Jeff Altman. Hope you have a great day. Take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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