EP 853  There is a very dumb mistake that people make on interviews that I find reminds me of someone singing a Mexican song,

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Here, I'm going to talk with you about 1 of those stupid interview mistakes; I use a goofy title for it but you will recognize a pretty quickly. I call it, "Sounding like a Mexican song." When they ask you a question about what you did for your firm or what you do for your firm, this is what you sound like--" I, I, I, I." All you do is talk about yourself. You don't put yourself into the context of how you work with your coworkers. You don't give people a bigger picture of where you fit in.

For example, let's say you are a staff level individual. You are answering the question like, "So, what you do for your firm?"

"I work as a team that is responsible for… The overall group does such and such. My piece of that is .. This. As such, I work with a small subset of individuals that has a budget of X number of dollars that is responsible for... blah blah blah blah." Do you get weren't coming from?

You don't say, "I do this. I do that." You don't just simply say, " I, I, I, I"

The idea is to always contextualize yourself. The people of the picture of where you fit

If you're in executive, you can say that you took over responsibility for a group that is responsible for. You can also say "I manage a slice of business that does such and such. As such, I have responsibility for a budget of $500 million. I have a staff of X number of people that is broken up by.." They you start defining your department. "I have some really talented people working for me who have really helped me look good. Obviously, I provide leadership for this group. But the fact of the matter is that I've hired some very good people and they are individuals who understand what I want and go out and deliver. My job is to really understand what is needed so I interact with people in the business unit so they feel attended to..." Again, do you get weren't coming from here

It is not just about "I I I I." It is about giving people a picture of where you fit in, which are role responsibilities are, size of the budget, size the department... It's all about giving people a sense of size and scope.

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