Stupid Interview Mistakes: Not Correlating

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Here’s the first stupid interview mistake people make.

Watch this video to avoid another interview mistake.

What’s the mistake I will talk about?  Answering questions before you correlate how your answer fits in with what the firm is looking for.

You see, most people make the mistake of talking about what they’ve done.  But they don’t answer the question of talking about what they’ve done that relates to what the firm is looking for.  Thus, they are basically flapping their gums and basking in their own magnificence, rather than address how they can help thisMistakes firm solve THEIR PROBLEM.

I want to repeat that because it’s really important for you to hear.

They never address how their experience, how they themselves could address what the firm needs to have solved.

The result is you don’t make a case for how you can help.  You think you have because you talk about how wonderful you are and you feel puffed up and magnificent, but you forgot to tie the boat for the employer.

Whenever you interview, there is a reason they are asking you this question (other than one may ask, “Tell me about yourself,” which to me is gotten to be such a lazy and clichéd question, but even there there’s a reason; you can give them an outline that allows them to ask you questions). 

At the end of the day, stupid interview number 1: You don’t make it easy for them to understand how your background will solve the problem that they need to have addressed.

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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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