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We know you’re excited, but this is just stupid. You will never get hired if you keep doing this.

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Today, I have 1 of those stupid interview mistakes that people make much too often this 1 of these comes from exuberance and excitement but it also reveals something about you was a job hunter. The mistake you make is that you constantly interrupt the interviewer as they make a point or as they are asking you a question.

When they are asking you a question and you interrupt, it presupposes that you know what the question is going to be... And you don't yet. I remember a time when it was still doing recruiting and I was interviewing someone for job with a client of mine, the Costley kept interrupting the questions. I pause for 2nd and said, "Would you like to sit in my seat and ask questions. Would you allow me to do my job and evaluate and assess you?" 4 or 5 times in pretty quick succession I was interrupted.... And they are wrong with the assumption what my question is going to be.

Don't interrupt people. Again, another time where I was engage in a conversation with someone and in their excitement and exuberance, they kept cutting me off mid-thought wanted to add on to what they thought I was going to say, but being completely off base. I just sat there silently, nodding, knowing that I could never refer them to my client because this behavior is rude.

If you are interrupted by someone CONSTANTLY, I'm not talking about wants because we all make mistakes and sometimes misread what's being communicated, the constant interruption, what's the message that you send to the interviewer? Whatever the message you think it is, the message they receive is that they don't like this.

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