Everyone understands that arriving late to an interview is a problem . . . but so is arriving too early, too.

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if you're gonna take a flight and you arrive early that's considered a good
thing by the airlines because they know you're there and they don't worry about
last-minute sorts of scenarios and thus we feel trained to get to the airport
early rather than late after all if we arrive late the flight is left right in
job hunting arriving too early unlike with an airline is a problem the reason
is it's disruptive to the office and the hiring manager the HR person everyone
associated with the process of interviewing you starts muttering as
though, "what's wrong with this person? Why are they there so early? You know , t like,
"Do they want me to take them early? I don't have time right now. I've got an appointment
I've got to leave for I'm going to come back in 45 minutes
but I can't talk to them now and if I walk through the reception they're
sitting there so when you arrive too early you have an impact not just simply
on yourself I'll get to that part of it as well but you have an impact on the
employer and although you've been conditioned to believe early is good it
really isn't for them now I'm Jeff hoping the big game hunter I'm the head
coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ.com and NoBSCoachingAdvice.com. I do job
coaching. I help people with aspects of their career-- job search, managing and
leading hiring more effectively workplace related stuff and you know
when I talk to people they struggle with this concept of being true whirling but
if you're a job hunting and you arrive early I've been speaking about the
impact on the on the employer. Now, let me talk to you about the impact on you
which is, let's say, you arrive an hour early for your
ten o'clock interview. So, you're there at nine and now, in the reception and
you're getting dull. You're losing your edge
You're calming yourself and, thus, your knot is on as you might actually want to
be for the interview when you sit for an hour reading your phone reading your
iPad, reading a book or a newspaper, you're not focused on your preparation
for the interview what you're doing is biding time with stuff rather than
having that edge and couple that with the adverse impact on the employer this
is not a winning combination.. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter I'm a
coach. I've helped people for many years.. As a former executive
recruiter and now I coach people as I said and with a whole host of different
things if you're interested in one-on-one coaching from me
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great day and take care


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