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EP 1512 Interviewing is a lot like dating and this mistake shows up in dating and in interviewing.

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This is about 1 of those stupid interview mistakes that people commit much too often. It's about "appearing needy." I pick that phrase intentionally; I could've said, "seeming desperate" by don't think it's quite the same as in the dating situations where desperation sets in. "I need to meet a man." "I need to meet a woman." "I'm just going to act desperate until I need someone."

It doesn't work in dating and appearing needy (which to me is a more gentle version of desperation that shows up in job search) doesn't work in interviewing either. The reason is that you're not inspiring confidence that you the solution that a firm is looking for when they are trying to hire someone. Let me explain.

When someone saw their game, when they have belief in themselves, they speak with the certainty and confidence that they know what they're talking about. They may be the biggest bozo on the planet but there is a certainty that they convey in their manner that often becomes believable. When you are needy, when you are desperate, you are talking a way that communicates your anxiety, there is a jumpiness to your matter that makes people nervous. No one likes to feel nervous. They want to feel like they are hiring the solution to their problem, not hiring someone else's headache. The result is that when you act needy, you turn them off because you don't make them feel confident and certain that you are the right choice.

Don't be foolish about this thing. If you need to do breathing exercises, do them. If you need to reduce your appearance of neediness by practicing more, that's best of all. I find it with the people that I coach, the more comfortable people are with the material that they are presenting or conveying to an audience, the more confident they are when they present and more desirable they are to the audience that there presenting to.

Do your homework. Do it for a while. You just cram for this exam and suddenly pull it off because you're going to know inside that you're not really on your game and that isn't how you want to be carried yourself.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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