80% of job descriptions are accurate. The problem is, no one knows which 20% isn’t. Why do I say this? Watch and find out.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter I'm a coach who helps people professionally
in a number of different ways I used to work an executive search fill 1200 plus
full-time positions plus consulting assignments during my career there and
like I said I now coach people stupid hiring mistakes let me paint the picture
someone gives notice you call HR you announce that this person's quit and
then you go you, "you got that job description we used to hire them? Could
you get it out to our vendors and see who they can
turn up for me for next week and that's as much as you do to qualify the
background. And the problem is the job has really evolved from what it was like
when you hired this person to today. Trust me,
when I talk to managers and prepare them for interviews they will snicker when I
say 80% of a job description is correct and they go what do you mean well
someone gives notice to you and that's the problem
you never communicate the differences between the job description and what
you're looking for HR goes off on wild goose chases the recruiters that they
hire go off on wild goose chases you get frustrated because you're not seeing the
right people and you're figuring it out as you go along and it's never getting
communicated back to the third-party vendors maybe it's you see the problem
But they're too busy to tell the vendors. Take a little bit of time. Ne prepared to answer this question
"What's different between the original job description and what I need?"
make sure everyone in the process knows what that is you will get hiring done
much faster and then, the follow up to that is, "how am I gonna qualify for it?" I'm Jeff
Altman. Hope you found this helpful. My website is TheBigGameHunter.us
Go there. Go exploring because there's a lot there to help you. I also want to mention
if you're interested in one-on-one coaching you can schedule time for a
free discovery call or schedule time for coaching and if you have a question for
me I want you to go to Wisio.com/TheBigGameHunter. That's W-I-S-I-O.com/TheBigGameHunter
utter you can ask me a question you can type it out or send me a video or an
audio and you'll get a response from me in video form I hope you have a great
day and take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a coach who worked in recruiting for what seems like one hundred years. He is the head coach for NoBSCoachingAdvice.com. He is the host of “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast,” and “No BS Job Search Advice.”

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