Many of us were there in the early days of social media where the beer bong photo was used as a warning about what you post. Today, TikTok glamorizes other types of videos that can be damaging to young women or men.

Stupid Networking Mistakes: What You Post on TikTok or Other Social Media

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Stupid career mistakes. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. And I'm a career and leadership coach working with clients worldwide. And I stumbled into something on TikTok because I post success posts there. It's just something I try to help people with. And it recommended a profile that I follow, which wound that being my son's, and then I took a look at some of his followers, realized he wasn't posting anything because he only had five followers, and noticed a young woman's profile there, that was posting the kind of video that would make a parent freak out.

I messaged her. And as I knew who she was, and had a conversation with her. And I simply said, "Look, post what you like. You're an adult; you can make her own decisions. But I want you to be aware of what the impact is of these choices." Because she's applying for school, schools look at social. She wants to work in, in the school system, schools, businesses all check social. I asked her Is this the way you want a university or employer to see you. And she thanked me. And it was an easier conversation than I feared.

I'll simply say for you, as a parent, you need to be aware of what your kids are posting, especially those who are in their teens or early 20s when they are, shall we say, less controllable, and have a conversation as I did with this young woman about what they're posting. As calmly as I'm speaking to you is as calmly as I spoke with her.

And I know that may be hard with your kid. But you need to practice this, because otherwise they're not going to listen. I'll simply say check on tiktok, check on social, wherever you know they're posting, just take a quick peek. You may be unpleasantly surprised or happy by what you see. Whatever it is, it's a quick awareness that I think you, as a parent, have a responsibility for.

And if you're posting on these platforms, just be aware that it can have an impact on you and your career, too. In the old days, it was about the beer bong photo that would never go away, right? And these days, it's about sexy stuff. Male or female, makes no difference. That people post that can come back to bite them.

Hope you found this helpful. Hope this isn't a problem you're gonna run into or are running into yourself. I'm Jeff Altman. Again, my website is There's a lot in the blog that can help you. Plus, you can schedule time for coaching or a discovery call. I'd love to help you one on one. I've got courses that are available on the site that can help you as well.

And connect with me on LinkedIn at Have a terrific day, and most importantly, be great. Take care.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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