Stupid Branding Mistakes Forgetting What You’re Trying to Accomplish | JobSearchTV com

Stupid branding mistakes forgetting what you are trying to accomplish

Building the brand of your career can advantage you or hurt you. You make the choice.

Stupid Branding Mistakes Forgetting What You’re Trying to Accomplish | JobSearchTV com

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I'm Jeff up in the big game hunter I'm a
career coach I help people grow
professionally job search I ring
managing being effective in the
workplace I try and help over the life
cycle of your work professionally and I
want to talk with you about one of those
stupid branding mistakes that people
make that effective job search should
affect them in their career and that's
really forgetting what the point of all
of this is and that is about growing
yourself professionally becoming known
becoming a go-to person within an
audience of individuals so when they
think of what it is that you do they
think of you after all people and firms
have choices even within your existing
there are probably multiple people who
do what you do right and if not you're
in a very small organization it's
important to expand outside of that
organization and become that person that
they think of when they think of this
kind of work within a decently sized
organization or larger how do you
develop mind shape and if you thought to
confuse your message if you start to
confuse people and they think of you in
a different way you lose so for example
if you're very capable in your
profession but you're the excuse my
language Peter pain and they figure out
with the last letter stands for piti
pain in the rear that's what they
remember about you it's not certainly
what I'm encouraging you to do is to be
compliant but I'm encouraging you to be
right and be the expert as your primary
brand message the person that they can
know like trust respect and work with
effectively within an organization those
are the five major categories no white
respect and work with effectively where
your someone who is a pain in the rear
it's almost like those old Dracula
movies where the cross goes a war and
they push people away well is that how
you want to be seen because that really
is how you're leading all those other
things get pushed aside because you're
known and your brand is the
pain-in-the-rear remember everything
that you do or don't do sends a message
to the audience about who you are and
what it's like to work with you that
affects the promotional opportunities
that affects with job search
opportunities it affects everything
about yourself professionally think of
that before you open your mouth about
politics and if you don't care about it
okay that's fine that's your choice but
it does have an impact remember half the
population disagrees with you right and
you don't really care about them you
think they're whatever it is that they
are well that can come back and hurt you
I'm not gonna tell you what to do I'm
gonna remind you what the impact of the
choice is do you make the choice that's
right for you and again to me it's if
your brand interferes with what you're
trying to accomplish you're the one who
gets hurt I'm Jeff Albin hope you found
this helpful visit my website the big
game hunter down as I've got a lot more
there that you can watch listen to a
read that will help you find work more
quickly also I've got one-on-one
coaching which is really what I do best
consolidate all the information you find
on that I hope you have a great day and


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