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In this video, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter suggests a few no-cost ways to stand out from your competition so that job hunters prefer your firm.

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Hi! I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm called The Big Game Hunter because I've been
hunting down leaders and staff organizations for more than 40 years
Today, I'm here with more No BS Hiring. Advice for managers, HR professionals and
small business owners to help you make even better hiring decisions and today I
want to address what you can do to stand out from your competition when trying to
attract talent now I'll use the example of an IT professional they have certain
types of technology skills. You need those skills. So do other organizations.
it's not like your job is going to be so much better it's not like your job is
going to be paying so much more than what the firm that they're working for
is paying and what your competition is going to be packed so how can you
influence them what sort of things can you do in order to make yourself more
attractive? Now number one is look at your internet presence. How are you
presenting yourself on linkedin on facebook what's your branding like and
i'm speaking whether you're a large public corporation or whether you're a
small business what's the image that you're conveying it is an overall
consistent overall and a consistent brand messaging so that's one thing you
can do. Second thing is let's look at your process. For example, now
when I speak with job applicants after interviews, I'm curious as to how
firms present themselves. Now there are a couple of things that firms do that help
them to stand now number one is they treat people with respect now you may
think you're treating people with respect but remember that time where you
kept people someone waiting for 20 minutes without acknowledging them that
you kept them sitting in the reception area or in the lobby of your building
and no one spoke to them for that 20 minutes to say you know there's been a
slight delay we apologize is there anything we can get for you just
something as simple as that as a matter of courtesy
allows someone to feel like they matter to you. Now you have a timeline for
hiring. Do you convey that to people or do you just say, "we'll get back to you
when we're ready to make a decision?" You know doing that ladder thing
basically says, "you're on a cattle call now. We're looking for the
best person that we can that's fair but you know in theory that could take six
months. Give people an idea how long you expect to be searching. What's your
timeline and here's the other part-- if the time line shifts, communicate it. It's
not like you don't have their email address it's not like you don't have a
phone number it's not like you can't leave voicemail for them or send them a
text to basically said you know we're extending or a search another week and a
half before deciding who to bring back.". What's so difficult about that?
If you're working with a recruiter, communicate it to the recruiter. Don't just
make it seem like they've sent someone to you and it's just going to go
on ad infinitum. Offer the recruiter feedback but more
importantly, as I said, if there's a delay in your timeline,
communicate it. Sometimes, I encourage hiring managers to keep IM
open and allow people to chat with them.I it's not one of my best ways suggestions.
I think you can shield yourself from unnecessary communications and just let
people know what the timeline is so much they're not fielding phone calls. And say,
"hey, how's it going, just want to let you know I'm still interested and
I'm doing that in a goofy way but I've taken enough of those calls
and I don't particularly like being interrupted from my work day to do
it but it's part of my job. When I have information from clients
I've been able to communicate it so it keeps people off of me and it
keeps people off of you so I just find that organizations do better when they
show that kind of common courtesy that unfortunately has become a lack in
modern times so that's a couple of the easy things that you can do to make
yourself stand out in people's minds. Now if you liked today's video, and you're
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hope you have a great day take care



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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