College football teams are preparing for the fall season. The head coach for last year’s national champion is named Dabo Sweeney (don’t ask about the derivation of his first name).

Sweeney was asked about the difference between being the hunter vs. the hunted in sports and responded by saying that basically we have a standards at Clemson and that is what we focus on. Meeting or exceeding standards and expectations.

Do you have a sense of what standards are at your firm and in your department?

How about for yourself? Have you ever sat down with yourself and decided how you should measure yourself, reviewed your performance from time to time and worked to improve? Have you ever consciously adjusted your standards?

Champions set standards and expectations and strive to achieve them OR exceed them.

Maybe that has been your problem all along.


Ⓒ The Big Game Hunter, Inc., Asheville, NC 2019



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