Should you reply back to a rejection email sent by your interviewer and/or HR? There is only one reason to reply back.

Should You Reply Back to a Rejection Email? |

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Should you reply back to a rejection email that you receive from the hiring manager
or HR. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. i'm the head coach for
and i worked as a professional recruiter for more than 40
years and I coach people in their job search, with hiring more effectively
managing and leading, workplace related issues, a whole host of different things, related to
career development. Now, the best way I could summarize this is you want to know
what happened, right that's the truth of this question and if that's the case and
you're not planning it's okay but don't expect that you're gonna get much in the
way of a response because at least in the United States firms are afraid of
this is a litigious society this person is going to go off the deep end they're
gonna email me constantly they're gonna want to see me so give them a gentle
response thank you for the courtesy of letting me know that I wasn't chosen
have you chosen someone else where was this person better than I what was my
professional deficiency for this role could you give me a sense of that now
they will at best tell you that they chose someone else this person seemed
stronger to them whatever that means it really means more experience but you
don't know that for a fact but they thought so and as such they made that
choice now if they say we're gonna continue interviewing they just really
didn't think they needed someone with more experience but again you can try
one more time I'm not trying to get into an argument I just want to get an idea
of where I missed the mark for you I'm. Jeff Alton hope you found this helpful
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have a great day and be great


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