Job ads

By Jeff Altman

Job adsYou’ve seen an ad on the web or elsewhere and you want to apply because it looks really really good. You pick up the phone and call.

“Hi, I saw your ad on _____ and I think my background would be a great fit. Before I send my resume, I wanted to check:

  1. Is the position still available? (Duh?? Of course it is. That’s why the ad is there.)
  2. I thought I would call and introduce myself and explain why I would be a terrific fit for it (doesn’t your resume do that already and if doesn’t you won’t be interviewed for the job anyway)
  3. I wanted to ask you a few questions about the position (yeah, you’ve got nothing else to do but field calls from people like me ALL DAY LONG.
  4. Yuyfp[s[bsbdbd (Translated: Bad cell call, I can’t hear you OR I can’t understand you because of poor oral communications.

All-day long, I receive calls like this from people who do not understand that the fastest ticket to being rejected is making this call. You see, 99.9% of the people who call are unqualified and present themselves terribly!

When I was getting out of college back in the Stone Ages, I remember I would make calls like this applying to ads in the newspaper. I would start at the first ad and just start calling. Most of the time, I didn’t have anything useful to say, had a poor voice on the phone and, of course no skills.

Many ads are written telling you not to all. Why would you antagonize people by calling them? To say trivial things like I’ve cited above?

The best way to get an interview is by sending a resume that would make it obvious to an infant that you are qualified to do the job. Unless you do that, no amount of smooth-talking or scripted speaking is going to hypnotize people into interviewing you, let alone hiring you.

So, before you pick up the phone to call someone and interrupt them, think four times about whether this is really the best way to introduce yourself to the person who will be interviewing you.

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