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EP 1664 Do I need to have my LinkedIn be an exact replica of my resume? I want employers to be intrigued by me, but I don’t want everything to be “out-in-the” open. I want them to pursue me

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I received a message from someone through LinkedIn (by the if you want to send a message to me and ask a question message me through LinkedIn. We will 1st need to connect --my page there is Then send your question to me and I will answer as many as I can.

This person writes, “ Jeff, I stumbled across her YouTube channel in the spring of 2017. I was enrolled in college majoring in human resource management. At that time, I knew little about salary negotiation, resumes and interview techniques to name a few. Thank you for your insights. As of now, I'm searching for jobs in Dallas to advance my career. I listened to you show about putting your LinkedIn profile on your resume. I'm skeptical of this is because I just made one last week. I've been putting it off for the longest time. My resume looks a thousand times better than my LinkedIn. Do I need to have my LinkedIn be an exact replica of my resume? I want employers to be intrigued by me, but I don't want everything to be out in the open., I want employers to pursue me. Any advice would be appreciated.”.

Here's the dilemma of your desire. What it really comes down to is that when people search LinkedIn, what they are doing is using keywords to find people for particular roles. I will come back to one other in a second, but the primary ways they use it is by using keywords to help them find people for particular roles. As a result, you may want to be “intriguing,” but they're never going to find you in order for you to be intriguing.

It's like the person who goes to the singles bar and stays in the closet all day and all night. Obviously they are never to be noticed or found because they are in a closet. Well, when you present yourself in this way on LinkedIn, you are hidden from view and that makes it impossible to be pursued.

There is one alternative that I will get to in a second but it doesn't have to be identical; it needs to be congruent with your resume. Obviously, since you're looking for a job you want people to be reaching out to you and you're not always pursuing them. If you're concerned about your current employer finding that you are looking for work, turn off your privacy settings, do your updates and then turn them back on. No one will never notice the difference.

So, again, it doesn't have to be identical; it just needs to have the keywords that someone would need to find someone like you. The exception is if you want to be discovered through being active in groups and have people check you out because your that smart, that witty, that clever that knowledgeable. That's a tough strategy for someone who is relatively junior.

If anything, you should be learning from others rather than them always learning from you because you have less to offer. I'm not saying that to be disrespectful. You just have less experience. They are are less willing to trust someone who has a year or less in background.

So, my encouragement to you is to open up more and put more onto LinkedIn to the people can actually find you. They will then want to engage with you and will start the conversations. Also, start writing from LinkedIn. Start developing a history where your opinions and ideas are shared through the LinkedIn blogging platform.

Again, if you have followers on LinkedIn (which I caught that you are a new member I won’t have many people who can find you. In this way, you can share with of the public, share with connections . . . You probably won’t have a lot of connections. So or someone like me (It is got 22000 1st level connections), It's easier for s me than it is for someone like you.

So, again, you're stuck with the strategy of opening up more and being more visible to people who are searching than I might want to be and that others want to be.

So, my encouragement is it doesn't have to be identical. It needs to be similar. Also put your email address in the summary area of your profile to make it easier for people to reach out to you (not your office email. A personal 1. If you don't want people to be you spamming you all the time, what you do is create a LinkedIn email account that forwards to your real one, and, this way, you can see where it's coming from with a lot of the services and you can shut it down when you don't want contact.

So hope you found this helpful.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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