EP 2165: If a new hire knows within 2–3 months that the job is a bad fit for him, should he quit then or wait a full year to not look like he’s job-hopping?

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Should I Risk Looking Like a Job Hopper? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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okay stop i'll stop so today's show is
one where someone wants to know whether
they should stay in a job that they
don't like
or they should leave and risk looking
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we'll be back in just one moment if a
new hire knows within two months or two
to three months that the a job is a bad
fit for them
should they quit or wait a full year to
not look like job hopping
what i would say to you is it depends it
depends on your
job history by the way scott i apologize
for not saying good morning to you
before and just leaping right into the
oh good chat on linkedin is working
so if you have a poor job history
changing jobs yet again
is a red flag for an employer
and thus when they see something like
that they detect a pattern that
it's not about
the employers you work for it's about
they think you don't have perseverance
because there's always a problem in
organizations they think of you as a
quitter you're not going to be there for
very long
as often happens with long-term
employees like i had a neighbor many
years ago who worked for her firm for
almost 20 years and then changed jobs
realized that it wasn't a good choice
for her and then went to another
that's a pattern that i've seen many
times because long-term employees often
think that the next place
is going to be shangri-la it's going to
be nirvana all their problems are going
to be solved and it's not true as we all
there's a pattern about long-term
employees changing jobs quickly
in your case i don't know your
employment history
someone who has been
with a firm six months here eight months
there what have you
you know if you can tough it out
having a
serious conversation with your manager
about where the disappointment is and
you can say did i misread something here
because i made a commitment to you based
upon these sort of things and i'm not
seeing that here
what did i misunderstand uh and they may
make apologies and say how things have
changed from the time they made the
offer until you joined two weeks later
put it on the table with them and say
look i'm not quitting i want to be clear
about that
i like this organization but i just want
to know what i misunderstood
and that becomes a way that you can
broach this as a subject
and address it so that you're not
sitting there with doubts
you can see where you misunderstood
something if that's the case or where
they lied to you i'm going to be that
blunt about it lying to you because
firms do that after all very few
organizations during the interview are
going to tell you what happened to the
last four people who sat at the desk
that you're now sitting at other than to
say oh they got a better opportunity
which basically means
more money better work
we treat people like hell around here so
anything is better than us
so again if you're in a situation where
you know this is your set of
circumstances have a conversation with
your manager and be cordial about it
don't freak out don't accuse them of
anything put it on yourself
and thus what that does is did i did i
misunderstand something here uh when you
made the offer
and that's about you and not attacking
so that's today's show i hope you found
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hope you have a terrific day and most
be great


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