EP 1936 We learn something all the time about employers during an interview. This one clearly is an opportunity to do that as long as we don’t freak out.

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Now, the question for today is, "should I let a potential employer contact my current employer? If I don't, it would seem like I'm hiding something." Now, this is only a question that a junior individual would ask because no one would have the nerve to ask a senior professional. So, this is the answer I would like you to give.
"Excuse me? "
"Why is that?"
"Well, at the point that I have an offer, I have no issue with you checking references. I want to be clear about that. But, at the same time, would you allow someone to contact your employer and place your position at risk, or to let them know prematurely that you're looking for a job? Of course, not."
"Well, I'd have no problem with that."
Okay, let's test that out now."
And that last line is flip, but they're lying to you. The correct answer is to simply say, "no." Because said with confidence and certainty, it confirms that you're a mature professional, someone who they can't screw around with because, again, part of their assessment process is to see who inspires confidence that they're the solution to a need. If you act like Macbeth doing, "Out out damned spot," if you're familiar with that scene from Macbeth, you know, where he's kind of hyperventilating, he's got blood on his hands (I act the line), if you act nervously about this, that makes them uncomfortable.
But if you very simply say, "No." Then, if they follow up, if they have the audacity to follow up with a question, why not," what you learned about this firm is that their goal is to minimize you because, like I said, no senior professional will ever be asked this question in a million years.
Why you? The answer is it's a form of disrespect. So, I think very calmly saying "no," and if followed up with "why,"you learn something about them and how undesirable they are. That they would have the guts to ask you why you would not allow them to contact the current employer. Get it onto Glassdoor. Tell you what, let's shoot this firm down because they deserve it. Him


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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