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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answer someone’s question about whether or not to have a website.

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"I'm a university student and applying for jobs." Apparently they are graduating." Should I have a personal website? I have a Github and a Slideshare account already. Is it a good idea to make a personal website with the resume and all the links to Github and Slideshare and other sites?"

Here's my thought. You can do that and it is going to take time. You then have to think about SEO. There is a simpler way to go about doing it.

1. Get to a service like or and link all your sites through there. They have far more readily found discovery then your site will have.

2. Get a simple blog account like Blogger or a wix page. Put your resume there. Link everything to it from or You will accomplish the same thing and it will take you a lot less time. Their results are going to be far more effective than what your website will probably draw.

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