I worked in offices where tempers where lost and violence threatened. Not good.

This not all inclusive. It is a basic for dealing with workplace conflict where you are the offended party

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people job search hiring more
effectively managing and leading workplace issues conflict yeah
Conflict. And I could come out and do this big professional story for you but
I'll just simply say I've been in conflict situations myself I was in
offices where people were stealing from one another awful awful and management
wouldn't do anything about it.. There were always polite excuses . . . you
know the placebo explanation for what was going on but they did nothing I also
knew from experience that he or she who loses their temper and explodes loses
immediately because no one wants to be around the person who's gone off the
deep end right have you ever been in an office where someone's started yelling
and it seems like it's out of the blue and people are rushing over to make sure
that no violence is going on I've been in those kind of places it's not good so
I'll just simply say the one thing to always remember is keep the temper hold
your tongue, don't say anything so cutting as to be
insulting the emotions don't help if the role as is said in one of the Godfather
movies it's business it's not personal don't make it personal because once you
do you say and do things that are gonna come back and hurt and remember why do
these things happen? Ego. Pride. you've already legislated that the other
opinion as wrong. Is there something that you can learn from the evaluation can
you get some input from other people before . . . I'm gonna put "confronting" in air
quotes but. . . dealing with this situation with the other person. Who can you talk
to and say I'm having trouble understanding this let me kind of walk
you through how I'm seeing this and see . . . let me ask you am I missing
anything remember politics in an organization is important
Starting with a peer and trying to see what they . . . how they sense it and how
they interpret events goes a long way toward making sure that you don't step
into a mineshaft and fall down to the other side ultimately ultimately you
want to have a conversation with the other party and say, " I know you have
the idea that it's this one I'm seeing it differently I'm seeing it from this
perspective. Can I walk you through my thinking or is this . . . because I want to
make sure I'm not seeing something, I'm not missing something that you
know already." Notice, what you're doing is trying to enlist the other person as a
trainer. In effect, "I'm missing something here. Walk me through the thinking," and
then you shut up and you listen and from there if you think they missed something
you can always ask did you take such-and-such into consideration I
looked at it from this perspective how did you look at it on your side notice
this is a disagreement right but it's not an explosion it's not the you know
the loss of of ego and face and things along those lines that can be so
problematic in an office ultimately if the two of you are working together on a
situation at work and it just can't come up with an appropriate solution remember
you have a manager, you have a director of someone you can go to to referee this
And, again, just very simply, remember, in the background,
politics is a part of this if the other person has the political ear of the
leader in this group or the leader in this organization
unless that person is open to input from you, you may lose, even though your idea's
best remember ultimately what politics turns into is two people have a
disagreement and the other person's idea's chosen. And, often, people point to
politics as the reason. And, sometimes, it is. The other person has earned
enough respect and reputation with an organization that they give them the
benefit of the doubt it's why if you were in the less powerful position for
whatever the reason whether it's obvious ones or overt ones that relate to gender
race social class position within the firm things along those lines or more
subtle ones you always want to approach it speaking with confidence and
certainty, thus, presenting yourself as being an expert, rather than . . . and, from
there asking the pointed questions but never in a way that you'll instantly
lose because you lose your temper.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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