EP 771 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses what a company is looking for from you all day second interview or a final interview.

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I've been doing a number of videos about 2nd and final interviews. I've covered a lot of data in these so if you haven't seen them, come over to TheBigGameHunterTV on YouTube and watch the playlist on 2nd interviews. I think it will help you a lot.

There's one thing I haven't really covered yet. I have done it with general interviews, but I haven't done it with 2nd or final interviews. The idea that I have is doing a show about what it is that companies look for. What is it that they're looking for from you that could cause them to choose you versus your competitors. You know you have competitors on these job interviews, right?

At the end of the day, firms are looking for competence , but they've already covered that during the earlier round of interviews, right? There are also looking for self-confidence... Do you have confidence in yourself and how does the project itself? After all, when you're confident in your abilities. They start to pick up vibe and they start to feel confident in your abilities. Too often, people arrived feeling nervous and cause the interviewer to pick up on that feeling and become hesitant. The nerves in them. Make the interviewer nervous and thus, they become uncomfortable with the can.

Self-confidence and how you express that in your manner become very important. What's the easiest way to express it? With a big smile on your face. Starting off with the initial handshake and, as you start answering questions, imagine yourself sitting in the chair answering questions with a smile on your face and, as you start to talk, you start going with a smile until you drop into a very serious look on your face they get it gives people a sense of the range of expressions that you have in the range of emotions so that they can see clearly that you are no BS. You are certain in what you are saying because that certainty, that confidence that uses out as you talk with them about your ability, both from a serious perspective and with a smile on your face as well (and where appropriate, you can laugh at something that has been said by them or by you... You can laugh at yourself and some of the mistakes that you've made) that self-confidence is a big part of why people get hired.

Also, it is chemistry with the interviewer. Chemistry can be sideswiped/sabotaged. For example, the interview might be distracted by something. Remember, if you are on an interview and you have the idea that you are losing the interviewer, if you noticed her eyes are all over the place, or if they seem often thought as they are listening to your answers, if they don't have the correct flow of the conversation, like their half measure or full beat behind when you might expect them to speak, you can say, "I get the idea that you might be a little distracted. Would it be better if we did this on another occasion?" They can come back when you have their full attention.

Often, they will say, "No! No! No! I'm okay," or they might say, "I'm a little caught thought. Thank you." As a result of asking the question, you will pull them back in because it is hard to get them to want to hire you if they are distracted, right? There are thinking about other things. They aren't paying attention. Recognize that that happens as well.

Send they are looking for competence, self-confidence, character, maybe? Character. They want to get a sense of your honesty and integrity and that might come across and how you tell stories about situations that you are involved with that involved sums different sets of circumstances.

Chemistry between yourself and the interviewer and how they expand upon that to think about how you my work with people that you would be working with. Maybe a little charisma? That self-confident manner goes a long way toward demonstrating that you are the right person to be chosen. All in all, they are looking for leaders.

It doesn't matter if you are staff individual, they are looking for leaders among those staff people. It's the person who self-confidence that allows them to trust you, to believe in you, to know you certainty of yourself and thus and trust you that they will never have to worry about you. In this role.

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