What do I mean by, “run your race,” in the context of job hunting and your career?

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When I think of job hunting, frankly, it is like walking into a casino for most of you and sitting there the tables. You don't really know the rules. Thus, you are easy pickings for the casino. Even if you do know the rules and how to play the game, most of the time, the casino is going to make money on you no matter what.

Understand that the way job is stacked right now, you're playing a game that is rigged against you. What can you do?

Obviously, you can refuse to comply, but eventually you'll be chewed up by the system. You can refuse to comply by refusing to apply for job through an applicant tracking system until you spoken to hiring manager. It's an easy way to do it on your room.

The real thing though is about attitude. You see, the Attitude that you have been instilled with is the one being the compliant employee. And fitting in. And doing what is demanded of you every step along the way to the point where you are a little cube you're being fitting amongst other cubes. In job hunting, Ideally from your vantage point, it is best to learn what the rules are and play your own game. Let me give you an example from sports.

Football teams. Basketball teams. Baseball teams There are lots of set plays That are involved. There are also lots of situations that they practice in order to put themselves in the position to put themselves in a position to execute the basic game plan, right? There is a lot of creativity and originality within those frameworks. You need to find the place for organizations respect you and your unique way of doing things.

If you want to be a drone, by all means… Do it. You can have messages piped into your head all day about being compliant doing what is demanded of you. Shut up. Do we tell you to do and don't have any original thoughts. Or, you can do things in your particular way and be sought out by firms. You see, LinkedIn is 1 of the greatest tools that we have in our modern times because it allows firms to reach out to you and for you to call more shots.

Remember, they are hunting for talent. If they want a person to fit into a box, that doesn't mean that you want to fit into a box, does it? I want to think in terms of a race. The race has a finish line – – the end of your career. How do you want to run the race? Do you know what could happen along the way? Do you know how to get you from where you are now and how to get to the finish line?

If you don't, you need to learn quickly. Let me give you an example. I was doing online coaching call I blab.im on the platform was still up. It is on YouTube as "No BS Coaching: Play Your Game Big!" At the end of the day, this person wants to move in the direction for their career a little bit differently than the obvious path. I spoke about informational interviews and you said, "Yeah, I have one scheduled." I asked him, "How about 5? How about 10? You can't just take one person's viewpoint for how to get to the finish line. And, even if the viewpoint is right, maybe it is right for you."

One thing I've learned over the course of the years in recruiting is that everything works in job search. It never works as well as we would like or as often as we would like but, at the end of the day, everything works. You may be turned down for a bunch of jobs but, eventually, you will find one that fits you. If it's your drive. It fits your ambition. If it's the kind of career goals that you have. Run the race in your particular way. Don't worry about what recruiters might tell you because a lot of them will tell you that you doing it all wrong. "It is a terrible mistake you're making! GROAN!"

Your job is to make a work recruiter a fee. YYour job is to make the corporate recruiter happy. Your job is to make yourself happy. Don't sell out your own ambitions for what the company wants.


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