10 Things Your Resume is Doing (or Not Doing) That Hurt You | JobSearchTV.com

10 Mistakes you’re making that are going to cause you to get passed over.

10 Things Your Resume is Doing (or Not Doing) That Hurt You | JobSearchTV.com

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a
coach I do career in leadership coach
let's try that again for some reason my
mind just went blank there so I do
career and leadership coaching working
with people all over the country I'm the
head coach for job search coaching
hq.com a site with curated information
that you can watch listen to or read
it's going to help you find work more
quickly and this video will talk with
you about mistakes that your resume has
you know you've either included the
wrong things or you're not doing the
right things and I want to point out a
couple of easy things to correct right
so I've got a list of 10 plus 1 bonus
ooh the bonus so item number one is
you've got typos and grammar mistakes
now when you were processing your resume
you know there was a spellcheck on a
grammar check on word there's no reason
to have spelling errors there's no
reason to have climatic alarms just run
the spell checker and then do it a
visual scan for words that if misspelled
would also be a word
so you know a novel approach and Novell
used to be confused with one another
back in the day and we'd get through a
spell checker so you just wanted to a
quick scan for words that if misspelled
would also be a work because your spell
checker won't pick up on that number two
is your resume is ridiculously long now
I know for some people who work in
consulting their tendency is to provide
enormous amounts of information about
role and responsibilities
accomplishments technology utilize them
what have you and you have to keep the
roast meat down to two pages think of
that as being the benchmark huh I
two pages in 6.5 it's unreadable so no
one will take the time to dig into your
resume to find out whether you actually
fit and you'll be relegated to
submitting your resume through applicant
tracking systems you don't want to be
doing that what you want to be doing is
submitting a resume that the person
who's referring you for the job will
find pride in doing it worth rather than
Sixpoint and just take the lead and then
blame it on the fact that the hiring
manager had decided not to see you okay
so keep your resume to cheap pages
number by the way there was an
interesting suggestion from someone that
think in terms of a page for every 10
interesting idea okay
number 30 is your resume releases
information that's confidential what's
confidential well whatever your employer
decides is confidential so for example
in consulting it might be who the client
is if you're a senior manager it might
be house a specific process is done or
the amount of revenue that it is
generated you don't want to be the one
who reveals it and some organizations
know which firms have confidentiality
expectations of their employees
so be aware of that and don't put
yourself in the position of being
rejected for that reason number four you
have creative formatting issues you know
some people have these wild looking
resumes that's probably not you but you
may go to the other extreme strange
fonts to small fonts like I mentioned
before the try and jamming information
I'm just putting into the category of
creative formatting you don't want to be
creative unless you're in a creative
field and
case you've got a design eye to the
typical employee that can include
shading in your resume because any text
that's within the shading is unreadable
to an applicant tracking system again if
you're not submitting it to an ATS or
not uploading it to a job board then
that might not be an issue but most of
you will minimally submit it to a job
board in which case systems may have
trouble reading it as part of the search
so just be aware of that and avoid
anything that's particularly design
oriented unless during a design role I
write in generalities that's number five
without really being clearly that being
clear about your what your specific part
in the work is so you speak about the
group who speak about the team speak
about the vision speak but the
organization what we did was and you
don't talk about you you don't talk
about what you did is part of the tea
and the result winds up being there's no
real information about what your
contribution was they're not going to
take for granted that you as part of
this totality had the total
responsibility unless you tell them that
so just be aware of this and try and
always get to the point where you're
talking clearly about what you did and
what your role was another mistake
people make is they submit the same
resume without real Taylor you know the
issue there is no job descriptions
identical so why would one resume
federal job descriptions they should
call me some people will say but they
want busy they want you to take the time
to make the fit clear to them because
they're busy you're there to serve them
and the service is a pretty simple one
you know wine that unless you wind up
being clear about
what your experience is the relates to
the role the likelihood is you're not
going to get the interview so another
thing people do is their resume and word
is hard to read so too small the
formatting issues I'm always mentioned
embedding because I saw it again
yesterday some systems struggle with
embedded headers and there's no reason
for them anymore
at a time when people used to receive
mailed or faxed resumes it was important
to have the header at the top to make it
clear what page number this was whose
resume it was stuff along those lines
there's no reason for that you just need
to send the stupid resume and use the
available space that you would normally
say I'll use my own name
Jeff all Ben page 2 of 2 okay they don't
they don't care this page 2 of 2 they
know it's page 2 of 2 they're reading on
a screen it's no big whoop
next thing is your resume doesn't have a
zip code how are they going to find you
in the future in their system unless you
have a zip code I'll use New York as an
example you'll live in Teaneck the job
is in Fort Lee then not searching for
people at Fort Lee New Jersey they're
searching by zip code and it's for in
distance around Fort Lee New Jersey to
find people or will be suitable without
the zip code they're not going to search
for it so make sure it's there a bigger
mistake though is that your resume and
particularly the summary area of the
resume don't really have enough keywords
built into them think in terms of how
these systems work and how people's eyes
work if you're submitting a resume for a
job that requires certain skills and
certain experiences that will be
you'll be expected to perform in the
role you've done this functionality and
another organization and you've used
those skills in another organization you
stuff the summary area with those skills
and functionality because it's true and
in the body of the resume as you
continue on you demonstrate that more if
you're submitting it through an ATS the
system is going to recognize at least
two instances of these terms and the
results will wind up being more
likelihood of an interview if it's being
submitted directly to a hiring manager
and making it clear to them that you've
done these you've used this
functionality and you've used these that
these particular skills and it just
makes sense to make it clear another
thing people do this is number 10 by the
way and then I've got a quick bonus
right behind it if your resume is boring
it's just not interesting it's badly
written and the result winds up being
that no one is really interested so you
don't want to be boring you want to
bring some personality into it and yes
it's a writing style that's basically
alive rather than feeling dead there's a
resume someone hired me to critique
yesterday and frankly he was trying to
demonstrate he was a project manager and
I know he isn't and you know I wrote
back to him I said you have two
instances of the term project manager
and you say this is keyword rich for
program manager it isn't you know
there's no way an expression of your
work as a program manager here so I just
want you to understand the service that
you hired didn't accomplish what they
set out to do or what should we ask them
to accomplish forth for you and the rest
of the text was boring you know I did
this I did that I did this I did that no
discussion of the impact of the person's
it was dull he don't want to be dull you
want to make it exciting and alive and
much the same way as what if we were
presenting to a group so bring it to
life and the bonus one is their code and
obvious locks I'll tell you folks these
recruiters who are you dealing with both
agency and corporate know their stuff
and they can smell BS why how easy
number one they've got a ton of theta if
you start exaggerating people will catch
it you know there's just lots of ways to
catch the lives don't lie eventually
that it gets caught and who's at risk
you hope you found myself while I'm Jeff
up in the big-game hunter if you're
interested in my coaching you reach out
to me through LinkedIn at linkedin.com
four slash iron four slash the big game
hunter mentioned that you saw the video
I just like knowing I'm helping folks
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North impress though experts calm where
I'm a job search and career coaching
expert hope you have a boring day
take care


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