Resume Follow Up Fails

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Here are a few of the mistakes people make when following up on a resume they submitted.

34 Resume Mistakes That Can Prove Deadly

Many Job Hunters sabotage their chances by making bad follow up choices. In this video, I’m going to talk with you about mistakes to avoid after submitting your resume.

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Thumbs downNow, let me go through a few of these mistakes that people make. And the first one is not following up at all and just assuming they’ll contact you. You know, never make that assumption. Give them 24 hours. Do a follow-up then, rather than just send the resume or apply for the job. And then from there, it’s a minute and a half after the resume’s submitted, you’re going “Hi, did you get my resume?” Of course, they did and you’ve interrupted them. So you know, not following up at all. And assuming they’ll contact you, or being so eager in your follow up that you’re annoying? Well, mistakes, it’s the opposite side of the same coin.

Number two is not personalizing your outreach to the hiring manager or the recruiter. Everything sounds the same and you sound like the other 27,000 people who’ve emailed their resume to them. Just try and be a human being, but professional.

Number three is following up too frequently, which can come across as being desperate, and certainly annoying. Next, failing to highlight how your background’s a great fit for the role. Now this might as well be in your application or with your resume/cover letter. But when you’re reaching out, and you’re actually talking to someone or leaving a voicemail for someone, explain why it is you’re a great fit for the job, which might motivate them (lighting a fire underneath to actually look at your resume, to look for concurrence between what you just said and what’s in the resume.

In addition, you want to provide some additional information beyond what’s already in your resume. Yes, they can read. Yes, they can. They’ll be more interested if you can expand upon something or tell them something that’s not in the resume. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes come across very badly. It undermines how you project as a professional. If you talk to them, asking superficial questions that don’t show any sort of research into the firm. And when you speak to them, you’re just too casual rather than taking a professional tone. Casual, comes across as acting like I’m your best friend. They’re there to evaluate and assess you. You don’t have to be so rigid and pompous. But you can carry yourself effectively and professionally.

Last one I’ll make here is focusing too much on yourself, rather than what it is you can bring to them and value that relates to what matters to them. I hope you found this helpful.

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