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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains why you should respond to inMail on LinkedIn.

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I want you to send reminder on your phone, especially those of you are not actively looking for work to log on to your LinkedIn account at least once a week., At least once a week, for those of you are actively looking, I want you to log on daily. Here's one thing that you need to do. When you log on, check your inMails that you have received from recruiters presenting opportunities.

I know a lot of these opportunities are not going to interest you. That's fine. I'm not going to tell you to be interesting job that you are not interested. However, instead of just deleting them, reply to them.

Here's why. Those of us who use the LinkedIn recruiter product are being charged if you do not reply. If you do reply, we receive a credit back. This allows recruiters to sustain their work in reaching out to other people. The courtesy of a quick reply that says, "Sorry, I am not interested," is really helpful to recruiters and allows recruiters to be of service to you at times where you do need us and want us.

Again, log on, minimally once a week. If you are not actively looking, and daily if you are an reply to all the messages that are sent to you, particularly inMails. Hi what yes, I would've thought I have to I went there I purchased it. I don't remember wordplay. It's not all you want is a type of clause you. Yes, that there was a night and woke up the morning. If you'd obviously forgotten of the fire. It was much worse and yet the screen on the screens and screen on the field. The evidence is there, come up and you might become coffee and do for another delivery today or tomorrow

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