Rejecting a Counteroffer: How to Politely Say No and Move On

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
How do you politely reject a counteroffer? I explain how you can politely turn down a counteroffer while keeping your bridges intact.

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Reasons to Accept a Counteroffer

Have you recently received a job offer only to have your current employer turn around and make a counteroffer to try and keep you? Well, today I’m going to give you some tips about Worryhow to professionally and firmly reject that counteroffer so you can move on to other things.

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So accepting a counteroffer is rarely a good career move. And if you’re going . . . I’ve covered reasons why you shouldn’t do it in other videos. But today, I’m going to talk with you about how to politely turn it down, while keeping your bridges intact.

So the first thing you need to do is to sincerely thank them for the counteroffer and say you appreciate them making an effort to keep you and you have to say that was sincerity. It has to almost feel painful to say it. Like you’re really sincere and it’s hard for you to do this. But “Thank you so much for trying to keep me with this counteroffer. I really appreciate it.” And when they start asking about the new offer, don’t discuss the details. Say, you’ve been presented with an opportunity that you can’t turn down at this point in your career as I said.” “Why is that?”

“I don’t want to go into detail.” Just simply say, “it makes a lot of sense for me to take this offer.” And then tell them “you know, I’ve really enjoyed working for this firm, and I’ve learned a lot from you and the team.” Always be complimentary about your time with the firm. Offer to help them transition your responsibilities before you leave.

Where it’s appropriate. restate the reasons you were looking to move on, such as new challenges, opportunities, but nothing critical of them. Keep the conversation polite, professional, and focused on career development reasons for leaving. Avoid being critical of the current employer and then close out by setting a firm date when you’re going to be leaving and stick to it.

They’re going to try and weasel additional time from you. The truth is, I know you may be tempted to go along with it. But here’s the fact of it– if you got hit by a bus, they’d figure out a way to replace you. So stick with your departure date and move on.

I hope you found this helpful. I’m Jeff Altman. Visit my website There is a ton in the blog that can help you plus you can schedule time for coaching from me or ask me questions through Trusted Advisor Services so I can help you get through this process or help you with onboarding in the new role. I’d love to help.

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The Counteroffer You Shouldn’t Accept

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How Should I Tell The Hiring Manager/Recruiter I’m Accepting a Counteroffer?

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