You’ve been fired. What now? How do you bounce back?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a coach who helps people professionally in
a variety of different ways job search hiring more effectively matching and
leading career development executive coaching a whole host of different
things I can support you with he got fired and it was a shock I don't know
anyone he's been fired who hasn't been shocked maybe you knew it was coming but
the moment when it actually happens, there's a shock that happens so we're covering
how do you recover from this I think you have to give yourself a little bit of
time to lick your wounds a couple of days you have to figure out okay I've
been fired. What do I do now? Now, I want you to understand what your financials are
because your financials are going to dictate a lot of what you can do if
you've got a severance package if you've got two months to find something else
two years to find something else, great!. Go for it! But most people don't and thus
you have to allow yourself a little bit of time to breathe but then have to get
back to work. So how do you recover? I'm just going to
deal with the emotional stuff today I'm not gonna deal with the resume writing
and all the other stuff that will happen. I just want you to recognize that
this is not the end of your life or your career because you got fired basically
this is going to be a test of your resilience to bounce back
most people who are fired are not incompetent they're fired because
Their professional circumstances have changed.
There's a reorg. Ther e's something that's happened in the organization that's
prompting that firm to go with different direction it's not about you most of the
time, it's about them and their choices and,
thus, you're going to come back. It's just never going to happen as fast as you want.
it's natural to be afraid it's how we react emotionally at a time like this
there's so many different things we feel like we need to do but bouncing back
starts off with recognizing that you have relationships need to call upon in
order to land in this next room and start formulating those relationships
who you're going to try and contact who you haven't been in touch with in a long
time who you need to be in touch with now and you know recognize the lesson
from this is okay what could you've seen in advance that will help you prevent
this from occurring? What mistakes set you up? What weren't you doing to support
your career for so many people it's about their network they don't spend
enough time networking in order to be secure folks you've got a long career
ahead of you and you'll bounce back from this like I said you may have to lick
your wounds for a little bit it's okay it's normal but you know just understand
you've got to put this behind you first things first is you've gotta go a little
bit deeper into the feeling then let it go
I'm Jeff Altman. I hope you found this helpful. My website is
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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